Innovate Standalone Gauge Kit with LC-2 & G4 Analog Gauge – 3821


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Innovate Standalone Gauge Kit w LC-2 & G4 Analog Gauge

Use an Innovate G4 gauge to display your air-fuel readings. This is a retro-style white face gauge with a chrome bezel. It’s 2 1/16″ (52 mm) in diameter and fits standard gauge pods. It uses a precision stepper motor to give it a wide sweep. It’s illuminated for easy viewing at night.The Innovate “Standalone Gauge Kit” comes complete with the latest direct digital LC-2  Wideband Controller, G4 analog gauge, Bosch 5-wire Wideband 02 Sensor, mounting bung, LogWorks Software CD, and quick start guide.

The controller has a programable analog output for connecting to Megasquirt or other aftermarket ECUs. The analog output can emulate a narrow band sensor for connecting to the stock ECU, too. Like the regular LC-2, it has a digital output you can connect to a laptop for data logging with LogWorks software, or daisy-chain the LC2 to other Innovate data acquisition systems.


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Will the gauge fit in a gauge cup?

  • The gauge includes mounting hardware to mount in a panel or a 52mm gauge cup or pod.

What fuels is the wideband compatible with?

  • The LC-2 itself can work with a wide variety of different fuels. The gauge is really only meant to display gasoline AFRs. You could potentially adjust the wideband's output curve to get it to display AFRs for fuels with a similar stoichiometric ratio such as diesel or propane, but not ethanol or methanol.

What sensor is included?

  • The LC-2 wideband system includes a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor.