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General Purpose Inputs & Outputs

The GPIO (general purpose input/ output) board has a variety of functions – the first released application is the MegaShift automatic transmission controller, but it has circuitry capable of many other functions. It’s possible to modify one to be an ignition controller, record EGTs, or many other applications if you have the right parts. Because of the GPIO’s flexibility, we offer these kits a bit differently. There is a GPIO base kit that includes the GPIO board, all SMD parts, case, and pigtail harness. The application-specific parts are sold as separate kits, allowing you to customize the GPIO board for your specific use.

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  • GPIO Basic Kit – Silver Case

    5 out of 5

    This is a starting point for your GPIO (General Purpose Input/ Output) project. Because of the number of ways the GPIO can be built, we've opted to offer it as a basic kit to which you can add application packages to customize it for the MegaShift code, E...

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  • PKIT – GPIO Board Partial Kit


    This is a very basic and incomplete starting point for building a GPIO (General Purpose Input/ Output) kit. It includes the main board, all SMD components soldered on, AMPSeal connector, and all the AMPSEAL pins, each crimped to a short length of TXL wire...

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  • GPIO Application Kit – EGT Input


    Single EGT input kit using AD595AQ amplifier chip. Intended for use on the GPIO board, but could be used anywhere you wish to take our EGT probes or other K-type thermocouples and convert their signal to a 0-5 volt output. This includes enough parts to po...

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  • GPIO Application Kit – MegaShift

    4 out of 5

    Use this application package to set up your GPIO (General Purpose Input/ Output) board (GPIO-K) for MegaShift.  Includes the 4L60E and 4L80E build guide items.  We've also included some extra components in case you're looking to change some features or ...

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  • TransStim PCB

    5 out of 5

    The TransStim simulates a 4L60E transmission, and several others. This is the bare PCB to make one TransStim. Use it to test your MegaShift or other transmission controller. The TranStim™ will help you to: Validate and troubleshoot a newly built...

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  • Jumper 10-Pack

    5 out of 5

    10-pack of wire jumpers in 5 colors. These fit 0.1" headers and are used on the JimStim to make connections for testing additional circuitry.   There are several other uses for them too.

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  • MegaSquirt GPIO Black Anodized Case


    GPIO board case. This one has an AMPSEAL cutout on one end, and the other end blank. You may drill a hole if using the stereo jack for serial communication, or use the AMPSEAL for that. Note that these cases are a bit of a tight fit - we recommend solderi...

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  • MegaSquirt GPIO – Heat Sink Only


    Included is a Heat Sink Machined for MegaSquirt GPIO Board Part # GPIO-HS Similar to our V3.0 heat sink, but this one is made specifically for the GPIO board from 1/8" aluminum.

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