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GPIO Basic KitGPIO Basic Kit

GPIO Basic Kit – Black Case


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Product Description

This is a starting point for your GPIO (General Purpose Input/ Output) project. Because of the number of ways the GPIO can be built, we’ve opted to offer it as a basic kit to which you can add application packages to customize it for the MegaShift code, EGT logging, or any number of other functions. New application packages will be introduced as new firmware developments come out. Here’s what is included in the basic kit.

  • GPIO main board
  • All surface mount components pre-installed
  • AMPSEAL connector
  • Short pigtail harness
  • 5V internal voltage regulator
  • Machined aluminum heat sink
  • Heat sink compound
  • Jumpers
  • DB9 connector for communicating with a laptop
  • Bare aluminum case with cutout for AMPSEAL connector

This kit does not include the stereo jack style connector; we have instead opted for a serial connector in the harness. This leaves the opposite side of the case blank, making it easier to seal the case using an appropriate sealant, if desired. The case is a bit on the short side; we recommend soldering the AMPSEAL connector from the top with the case half assembled to get it started.

Start with this kit and add a GPMK-SHIFT to make a MegaShift, or customize it with your own circuits for EGT input, ignition control, or any other use you can come up for its input and output channels.


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Is this all I need to get started?

  • Due to the multipurpose nature of the GPIO board, this board is just a starting point; you will need to add separate application kits to use the GPIO board for the various functions it supports.

Can I buy a ready to run GPIO board?

  • No, but we have several ready to run devices that can carry out the same functions. A MicroSquirt can be used for transmission control or to expand the I/O available on an MS3, while our CAN-EGT module can collect EGT data.