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CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface

CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface

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CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface


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The CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface allows you to monitor up to 8 K-type thermocouples AND up to 8 Innovate wideband devices over an Innovate Log Chain, and can transmit the data to a MegaSquirt-II, MegaSquirt-III, MicroSquirt, MSPNP, or MS3Pro over the CAN bus, so you don’t use up any analog inputs for these. It can also transmit its data to a laptop directly over USB, or send a 0-5 volt signal based on the thermocouple inputs to work with external gauges.

The CANEGT allows Mike Dusold, Holley LS Fest Grand Champion and Optima Ultimate Street Car top-3 contender to receive 8 runner exhaust gas temperature data to his MS3Pro EVO, which runs closed loop fuel & spark corrections per cylinder!  This leaves 7 analog inputs for his power management & sub-systems!

‘Multi-channel EGT systems add another dimension. “Generally speaking, one looks for consistency between cylinders, because any noticeable variation means that the cylinder that is out of step with the rest has some sort of problem like a flow blockage, an inner chamber variation, or a cam lobe shift that is causing the odd EGT,” Eyres explains. “On an EFI engine, a simple fuel rate change to the ‘out of step’ cylinder will aid in detecting the cause of the variation by either confirming or rejecting fuel (and air) flow variation as the cause.”  Read more on the history & benefits of measuring EGT’s on Innovate Motorsports’ Tech Blog.

CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface Features:

  • 8 inputs for K-type thermocouples
  • Cold junction compensation
  • 0-1250 ºC input range
  • Measures both exhaust gas and cylinder head temperature
  • 8 analog 0-5 volt outputs
  • CANbus connection for connecting to MegaSquirt
  • RS232 connection that conects to an Innovate LogChain – currently supports up to 8 Innovate wideband O2 sensors
  • USB port for laptop connection
  • Multiple CAN-EGT units can be daisy chained together

CLICK the Documentation & Downloads Tabs above for CANEGT support documentation, configuration & firmware files.

Mounting dimensions are approximately 1.5″ tall, 3.5″ long (including terminal blocks), 4″ wide.

The CANEGT interface will work with DIYAutoTune’s Black Stinger or Red Avenger EGT probes, or other K type thermocouples.

Serial connection uses the older, barrel-style Innovate plug. Connecting to the LC-2 line requires a 2.5 mm to Molex patch cable.

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1 review for CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface

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    Can the analog outputs be repurposed as inputs?

    • No. They are for sending an amplified EGT signal to other devices that are not able to read its CAN protocol.

    Can it be used to measure other variables besides EGT?

    • It can use K type thermocouple sensors for other purposes as long as the temperature you are measuring are within range. For example, it could measure cylinder head temperature on air cooled motors, oil temperature, or transmission fluid temperature.

    Can it read below 0 degrees C?

    • The CAN-EGT is hardware limited to a minimum temperature of 0 degrees C. K type thermocouples start to put out a negative voltage below this point, and the internal circuitry is configured to only measure positive voltages since it is intended for exhaust gas applications that will not read low once the engine is started.

    Can I connect a non-MegaSquirt device to connect to it over CAN?

    • Yes, if your ECU supports 11 bit CAN receiving. Current CAN-EGT firmware allows broadcasting temperature and AFR data on user defined 11 bit addresses for use with third party devices. Units purchased before 2018 may need a firmware update to support 11 bit CAN broadcasting.

    Can I read the probes directly from the box with a computer?

    • Yes. Use TunerStudio and connect to it with its built in USB port.

    Questions & Answers

    1. 0 votes

      The inputs are specialized for K-type thermocouples. You could use them for other types of temperature sensing - cylinder head temps, air temperature upstream of an interecooler, oil temperature, and the like.

    2. 0 votes

      Normally, these would be daisy chained to other, different CAN devices, but it is possible to use two CAN-EGTs as long as you set them to different CAN IDs. The second set of EGTs are more complicated to set up and cannot be used for EGT based engine shutdown in current firmware.

    3. 0 votes

      If you have an MS3, you can wire a Hall effect driveshaft speed sensor directly to the ECU, and you can determine gear position by comparing engine RPM to driveshaft speed. So that would leave the CAN-EGT and EGT probes as the only thing you'd need to add.

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