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The Leader in High-Performance Engine Management Systems

Wire-in and Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management Systems and the hottest Ignition Systems using the amazing IGN1A Smart Coil. We offer PNP Standalone ECUs for a wide variety of vehicles and other high performance car parts and racecar parts to complement our Engine Management Systems and help you to be able to source everything you need for your project. We offer everything from the kit-based MegaSquirt ECUs of our roots that allow you to build your own ECU from a kit, to the hottest MSPNP and MS3Pro PNP Engine Management systems available anywhere allowing you to simply plug our ECU into your car and to be up and running in minutes! Tune your engine to perfection! Maximize your horsepower and driveability by tuning your engine to match your modifications to safely make all of the horsepower and torque you can! Made in the USA too!

Plug and Play (PNP) and Wire-in Standalone ECUs, Performance Ignition Systems and More

Check out our latest MS3Pro PNP and MSPNP Plug and Play ECUs for your Ford Mustang, Mazda Miata, E30 or E36 BMW, Porsche 944, Nissan 240sx, Subaru WRX and others. We offer PNP standalone ECUs for the MKIV Supra 2JZ cars, just plug it in, fire it up, and tune your engine for maximum power and performance. No matter what type of racing you’re into, drag racing, land speed racing, autocross, road course, drifting, rally, you name it-- we’ve got your engine management system (a.k.a., standalone ECU) needs covered! Our ECUs also offer engine safeties, allowing you to ensure you protect your engine if that turbo makes a little more boost than you expected, or if your fuel pressure is low, or the air-fuel ratio detected by your wideband o2 sensor is dangerously lean—these safeties can save your engine. Our data logging and analysis tools let you see exactly what is going on and give you the information you need to tune your engine properly and safely, making maximum horsepower and torque.

So you are planning to install a Mustang turbo kit, supercharger, cams, free flowing heads, or any number of other Ford Mustang Performance Auto Parts that will change how your engine breathes requiring a proper tune to get the most out of it, we’ve got your PNP Engine Management needs covered. One-hour install, a solid base map to get you started tuning, and a simple tuning interface makes it easy to tune your engine right. Wait, it’s a Miata Turbo Kit you’re installing, we’ve got you covered too!

Building a classic hot rod? The MS3Pro ECU is where it’s at! This is a wire-in solution that can be used to properly tune just about any engine on the planet! We also offer all of the accessories for your EFI Conversion needs, the hottest ignition coil packs, high accuracy camshaft position sensors and crank sensors, intake air temp and coolant temp (IAT and CLT) sensors, etc. Do an LS Engine Swap? We’ve got your MS3Pro ECU with drop-on/PNP LS Wiring Harness, ready to make the job EASY!