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MegaSquirt Discussion Forums

Support forum for MegaSquirt installations running MS1/Extra, MS2/Extra, or all MS3 applications. This forum provides discussion related to firmware, tuning, installation, hardware debugging, and almost any other aspects of MegaSquirt installation. Also includes support for MicroSquirt, including alternate firmware to run MicroSquirt as a transmission controller or Microsquirt I/O extender, and other accessory devices.

This forum covers most of the official MegaSquirt discussion, and receives the most traffic by far of any of the official MegaSquirt forums. You’re likely to get an answer fastest here. This is where the MS experts hang out, and many of them are eager to help to spec out a system or get your car running just right. Our tech support team spends much of there time on this forum are well. Don’t be a stranger; we’re lurking ready to help out.

Additionally however, there is:

Hardware and firmware support for the original B&G firmware on MS1’s and MS2’s. Does not cover installations using MS1/Extra or MS2/Extra code, MicroSquirt, or MS3.

Success Stories: Most people with MegaSquirt running on their cars don’t come back and tell us about it, but here’s a few hundred people who have. They may provide a roadmap for your install in some cases, or at least some inspiration.