will make every effort to ship all in stock orders placed by 2pm EST, on the same business day.  If your order is not in stock you will be notified during the checkout process prior to completing your order. We strive to keep all items in stock and will communicate clearly with you about the status of any orders placed for items that are out of stock.  Thankfully, this isn’t a frequent issue as we keep a close eye on our inventory, so normally we keep all items in stock ready to ship the same day!

International Shipping

We will gladly ship anywhere in the world via USPS Mail or upon request via UPS/Fedex.  If UPS/Fedex are requested we will contact you regarding any additional cost involved as UPS/FedEx is generally more costly than USPS.  Generally it’s 2-2.5x the cost of USPS Express, but it gets there really fast ;).

International Shipping – Reducing declared value to reduce customs fees

This is something that we get asked about quite often. We cannot mis-represent the value of shipments in order to reduce customs duties. We really do understand your pain; some countries charge as much as 60% import/customs tax. We’re sorry but we really can’t mis-label the packages as we would be putting ourselves and our business at risk when doing so;  Greater than that, we want to be completely straightforward about everything, with everyone. We promise that in all of our dealings, we’ll be just as honest and straightforward with you. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance is available during checkout for $1.30 per $100. We will provide this insurance either directly, through the courier, or through an independent insurer therefore we request you contact us directly with any issues or to file a claim.  We highly recommend purchasing shipping insurance, and have checked/enabled that for you in our checkout process by default. If you choose to uncheck/deselect and therefor opt out of having your package insured, you are directing our company NOT to insure your package, and you hereby acknowledge and accept responsibility that the risk of a lost package is placed on you and recognize that we cannot guarantee the shipment. We cannot be responsible for uninsured packages that may be lost in transit. We’ve not experienced many problems with this so far and hope we never do, that leaves is with three options.  1) never insuring packages.  2) Always insuring packages, and charging you for shipping insurance on every order without choice.  3) Allowing you our customer the freedom to make your own choice, though requiring that you accept the personal responsibility of that choice and of the chance you may choose to take if you opt out of insuring your package.  We’ve opted for freedom, option 3.  Bald eagles all around!

Signature Requirement

Priority mail shipments do not normally require a signature. If we recognize your shipping address as an apartment we will often mark your package to require a signature since the package is at high risk sitting outside your door. This costs us extra to do but it’s worth it to us to make sure you receive your order safely. All Express Mail shipments require signature unless you specifically request that your shipment should not.  We cannot be responsible for packages that are lost/taken after delivery even if insurance is purchased– the insurance covers the package until it is delivered, once delivered it’s out of USPS hands and therefore they can’t guarantee anything.  Hence the benefit of requiring a signature– someone has to be at your home or place of business to claim and sign for the package…

Cheaper International Shipping Methods

Due to popular request we’ve added a couple of less expensive shipping methods for international orders.  There is more risk involved with these cheaper methods, and therefore we must ask that you accept and agree to the below policy in order to choose these methods.  The shopping cart will prompt you to accept this policy in order to checkout using one of these methods:


We’ve been in business a long time now, and shipped tens of thousands of packages, and we’ve lost VERY few.  I could count on one hand how many. We’ve always stuck with the trackable, insurable shipping options in order to deliver this level of service.

We do have some international customers however that would like to see cheaper shipping options, especially for light or low value packages.  Because of this popular demand, we’ve added some cheaper shipping options.  Here is an overview of the new options:

New International  options:

  • First Class International (3lbs or lighter only, max $200 value)
  • Priority Mail International (weight limit varies by country, max $250 value)

All available shipping options will display during checkout based on package weight, value, and destination.

It’s important that you as the customer understand that there is higher risk in shipping with these cheaper methods.  They do NOT support Tracking, or Shipping Insurance.  For a long time we were hesitant to offer these methods because of this, because we want to be able to guarantee your package arrives safely.

That said, due to popular demand for cheaper shipping options, we’re going to try this out.  These methods can save you several dollars in some cases, but you must understand:

  • We cannot guarantee a timeframe for your order’s arrival.  The USPS’s estimation does not take into account customs delays, or some guy at a dock somewhere putting the package in his car to ‘inspect’ it further at home.
  • We cannot track the package.
  • We cannot contact the Postal Service, here or abroad, concerning a package shipped with this method.  They can’t track it either.
  • We cannot insure a package shipped with one of these methods.
  • We cannot replace a lost order shipped with one of these methods.

In our experience, the cheaper domestic options are still pretty reliable, just slower.  However depending on the country we’ve had some problems with international packages disappearing with no way to track them when shipping with the cheaper international methods.

We’re offering these options to you so you can make the choice on whether you’d like to pay a little more for speed and security, or go with a cheaper option, throwing caution to the wind to save a few bucks, which in some cases makes sense to do.  It’s your call.

DIYAutoTune reserves the right to use a different, but reasonably equivalent shipping service at our discretion.

If you understand and agree with this policy, please check the box below and click the continue button.  If not, click cancel and choose a slightly pricier option that assures you that your package will be trackable, and optionally you can pay for insurance in the event it would be lost along the way.


Sales Tax

Orders placed in the state of Georgia are subject to a 6% sales tax. We do not collect taxes on orders to other states or international orders; there is currently no national US sales tax. Most international orders are subject to tariffs or taxes upon arrival. This is collected by the government in the country the order was shipped to and has no control over these taxes. We recommend checking with your local customs office for the most up to date information.


Items may be returned within 45 days of their original purchase date.  RMA can be opened in that 45 day window with our support department ([email protected]) and we must have the items back in our hands by 50 days after the order was shipped originally.  This gives us the time to process the refund within a total window of 60 days which is the max allowed by some of our payment processors.  With the following exceptions, un-opened and un-tampered-with items (with all packaging in its original condition) may be returned for a 7% restocking fee.

  • DIYAutoTune’s Un-Assembled Kits
  • Custom built-to-order ECU’s including modifications you’ve requested to be performed.

DIYAutoTune’s Un-Assembled Kits must be checked carefully to verify all parts are included and that the kit was not tampered with, this is time consuming and therefore requires a 15% restocking fee.

Custom built-to-order ECUs can be very difficult to resell due to the fact that we built it specifically to your needs and specifications.  Off the shelf units are no problem and fall under the 7% restock rule above provided they are in brand new (not scractched, never installed) condition.  However modified ECU units, while we will accept them in return, require a 15% restocking fee for the base price of the ECU, customizations however are NOT refundable.  That includes parts and labor for custom modifications.

Please contact us prior to returning your order so we know what to expect and include a copy of your sales receipt with the return ensuring that your email address and phone number are included as well. Once the return is processed we will refund the remainder of the original total, minus the shipping/handling and restocking fees.

Returns must included any original packaging, should be visually perfect just as they arrived (no scratches, etc), wiring should be original length uncut, and everything should function perfectly.  If this is found not to be the case additional fees will apply or we may have to refuse acceptance of part/all of your return request.

Warranty Repair

Warranty Information – DIYAutoTune Un-Assembled Kits

Products purchased in kit form we will guarantee have all parts needed to complete the kit, and the parts will be in new and working condition when we ship them to you. If you find a discrepancy please notify us. We’re pretty easy to work with and we’ll do our best to take care of you quickly. Obviously we cannot warranty your assembly work of a kit. If you get stuck we suggest posting a thread at or and emailing us the link so we can attempt to chime in and working together with others we can usually help you get to the root of your problem. That being said most people don’t have any problems assembling our kits, they are clearly labeled and go together just about as easy as any kit could.

Warranty Information – DIYAutoTune Assembled MegaSquirt ECUs and Accessories

This section applies to any product that is available as a kit, but that we also offer as an assembled product.  Examples would be standard MegaSquirt I and II ECUs, Stimulators, and the like.  Standard off-the-shelf MegaSquirt ECU Assembled units are covered by a one year limited warranty against manufacturers defects. Contact us if you believe you have an issue that should be covered under warranty. We will discuss the issue with you and provide an RMA number and an address to ship your unit to. Our tech will evaluate the unit and if a problem due to manufacturer defect is found we will repair it free of charge. We will cover the cost of shipping from our shop to you up to $25; we will need for you to cover any cost of shipping beyond $25 and the cost of shipping the unit from your location to our shop. If we determine that the problem was due to mis-use, mis-installation or improper modification, our shop rate will be $75/hr plus materials to repair your unit (one hour minimum).

We do not mind the modification of the unit as that’s the spirit of the MegaSquirt project, just understand that if your mod appears to be the likely culprit of damage to the unit that we cannot support the unit under warranty.  Note that extensive modification may complicate the troubleshooting process, and in some cases it may be neccesary to reverse modifications in order to return the unit to working order.  Charges will apply for the time required, and in these case we cannot be responsible for putting custom modifications back in place after having to remove them to resolve a problem.

Warranty Information – Manufactured Products

General Indemnity

Race parts are inherently dangerous in general and may cause injury or damage if improperly modified or altered before use. Hoffmann Innovations will not be held liable for and will not pay you for any injuries or damage caused by misuse, modification, redesign, or alternation of any of our products. Hoffmann Innovations will not be held in any way responsible for any incidental or consequential damages including direct or indirect labor, towing, lodging,
garage, repair, medical, or legal expense in any way attributable to the use of any item in our catalog or to the delay or inconvenience caused by the necessity of replacing or repairing any such item.

Manufacturers warranties are standard with some of our products.  For example:

All Innovate Motorsports wideband products are covered by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and labor for repairs of any manufacturer defect. They are good people to work with and will take good care of you and we will help ensure you are taken care of.

AMP EFI, MS3Pro, MS3Pro Plug & Play and MSPNP2 EMS Systems are covered by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and labor for repairs of any manufacturer defect for the original purchaser.  Furthermore, original purchasers of AMP EFI models MS3Pro ULTIMATE & EVO may upgrade, by way of online product registration, to a Limited Lifetime Warranty within 30 days of purchase.  Please visit for details & product registration.

Other manufactured products (fuel pumps, etc) have warranty information included in the product listing.

Contact our product support team if you need to discuss any warranty repair/RMA.