All parts are sold for OFF ROAD RACE-ONLY, ground-vehicle use only. Aftermarket EFI/EMS systems are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Alteration of emission related components constitutes tampering under the US EPA guidelines and can lead to substantial fines and penalties. Your state/district may also have specific rules restricting your tampering with your vehicle’s emissions system. In short, as stated before, our official policy has to be RACE or OFFROAD USE-ONLY in ground based vehicles ONLY.

MegaSquirt EFI Systems

Bowling and Grippo’s MegaSquirt line of Engine Management Systems are at their root ‘Experimental Do-It-Yourself’ universal programmable electronic fuel injection products for spark ignition internal combustion engines. Experimental means that you will be responsible for sorting out some details of your implementation that are specific to your application and equipment. In order to assemble, test, install and safely use MegaSquirt, you must read, understand and follow the manuals located at — The software and firmware source code is available and therefore is free to be modified by anyone so long as it is only used on legitimate B&G hardware – this has lead to constant development that has continuously broadened the feature-set and improved the reliability of B&G’s MegaSquirt products. They are very robust and very affordable. We at DIYAutoTune and countless others on the forums will be glad to assist you in your implementation but you will find you will get far more helpful responses if people see you have taken the time to do your homework first. They spend alot of their time helping people out based on their own knowledge and experience and they do it for free. They cannot however completely architect your entire EMS implementation for you.  The questions that most often go unanswered on the forums are the ones where someone comes in and asks for someone else to do all the work for them.   You will however get alot of respect and most likely find the help you need when you’ve done your homework and you’re just trying to fill in the gaps.

In short, the MegaSquirt was designed with education in mind, this is a great opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of EFI, particularly if you are starting from kit form building the ECU yourself. The more you know about EFI and how it really works in general, the better you can properly understand how to build and tune an engine properly.  As a side-benefit, you receive the best EFI system available for the price, or even several times the price.