Welcome to DIYAutoTune.com, home for all of your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) automotive tuning needs.  We have everything you need to install your own fully programmable Engine Management System on almost any engine in any car  / truck / motorcycle / boat / snowmobile, you can think of!  For the hardcore DIY’er that wants to build their own EMS, we’ve got you covered, or for others who would prefer that we build you an ECU to your specification, leaving you with the wiring and tuning side of things (with our help of course), we’ve got you covered too!  We have also added a large number of Plug-n-Play (PNP) solutions to our line-up…

Start reaping the benefits of a Standalone Engine Management System (EMS) immediately. With the ability to dial your engine in for maximum power and performance no matter what modifications you’ve made, and when you mod something else, just dial it in. You don’t need to pay someone else to do this for you if you have the willingness to read and learn about the system a bit.  It’s laid out and made user friendly with the first time EFI tuner in mind, but with the power of an advanced Engine Management System.

So do our automotive tuning products work with imports or domestics? YES! DIYAutoTune.com’s team are all equal opportunity performance junkies;  we love them all and the products we offer will work equally well on any vehicle out there with very few exceptions.  So come on in, check out our Project and Customer Cars, read a bit on the FAQ and see what you think.  Also make sure to check out our ‘Which MegaSquirt EFI System is right for me?‘ section to help you figure out which product line perfectly matches your performance/featureset needs as well as your budget.

You too can ‘Tune it Yourself.  Tune it for Less.  Tune it Right.’   The DIYAutoTune Way!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’re on top of all of the latest tuning products and kits with great products like Bowling and Grippo’s MegaSquirt line of DIY Programmable Electronic Fuel Injection systems, excellent Wideband O2 systems, tuning products from Innovate Motorsports, with our own line of wiring harnesses and accessories to make your project go as smoothly as possible.

We offer the full line of Bowling and Grippo’s MegaSquirt Engine Management Systems in kit form or fully assembled and ready for use.  All of our electronics kits are clearly labeled and include everything you’ll need to build your own unit.  Additionally we offer extruded aluminum cases with professionally machined endplates for those of you who purchased your MegaSquirt components elsewhere, as well as the ‘old-school’ B&G partial kits if you’d like to piece your own kit together.  You can view all we have to offer on our Online Catalog.  We’re adding new stuff all the time, many items at the request of the customer. We’ve been your ‘One Stop DIY EMS Shop’ since late 2004 and we’re here for you. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you move your project along!

You’re used to working with tools right?  So let’s put a new tool or two in your pocket, tools that may just be the most powerful you’ve ever wielded in your quest for automotive performance.  You CAN do this yourself if you want to, and you CAN do it right, the information you need and desire is right here for you– or if you prefer you can farm the install and tune out to your favorite shop and just enjoy the benefits, that’s up to you.

New to EFI?  Here are a few articles that might interest you.  Don’t take our word for it that you need a standalone EMS to extract all of the power possible from your engine, see what the 3rd party articles below have to say about Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system control. Let us know how we can help you get on the path to having full control of your engine as well!


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