DIYAutoTune Product Software & Downloads

Latest Tuning/Utility Software Revisions

TunerStudioMS is the software application that is used to tune your MegaSquirt EFI controller. The latest version for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh can be found at

MegaLogViewer is the software application used to view datalogs.  The latest version for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh can be found at

MS1, MS2, MS3 Firmware

The latest MS1/Extra, MS2/Extra, and MS3 firmware versions are available from the download page.

Please note:  MegaTune is obsolete and no longer supported.  TunerStudio must be used for all MS2/Extra revisions greater than 3.1.0 and all variants of MS3.

Other MegaSquirt Related Software

  • EasyTherm – to simplify configuring your MegaSquirt-I to accept the substitution of non-standard temperature sensors and to upload software revisions. New link for V5.0 version. (Roger Enns)  (not needed for MS2 or MS3)
  • Port Check – communications test utility. This program displays what COM ports are available and checks for a response from MegaSquirt. This can be useful for determining if a problem is with the ECU or on the computer side.

AMP EFI and DIYAutoTune custom TunerStudio dashboards

  • AMPEFI MS3Pro Dash
  • MSPNP Gen2 Dash

    Drivers for other offered hardware

    • usb_drivers_Windows
      • No prompts, just quickly and silently installs the updated drivers. Reboot and you should be good to go.
      • For other USB-2920 compatible drivers (older Windows, Windows CE, all Linux / Mac / etc ) go here:  FTDI VCP Drivers Page

    Older MegaSquirt Tuning Software and Utilities

    Presented only for historical archive use. TunerStudio is required for MS2 3.1 or newer and all versions MS3. Development on these has stopped as of 2016, but the software is still available.

    • PC Configurator – The original tuning software from Bowling and Grippo, it has fewer features than MegaTune.
    • MegaTune – for tuning and data logging MegaSquirt with a laptop computer running Windows 9x/ME/XP/Vista.
    • MegaTunix Excellent tuning/datalogging software for Linux, Unix, Mac OS, and Windows. (Dave Andruczyk)

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