MicroSquirt has long been the go to choice for a low cost, super capable standalone ECU. Our original intention for MicroSquirt was powersports, ATVs, and motorcycles — small engines — but shortly after launch, our customers installed it in everything from golf carts to turbo V8 race cars. Having to have the board modified to support these engines in some cases… well… we’ve done that for you, and beefed this thing up further to handle whatever you are likely to throw at it!

In order to better help those who wish to install Microsquirt in automotive applications, AMP EFI introduces the AMP’d MicroSquirt customized specifically for the task. Improvements include adding four user selectable pull-ups you can enable via internal switches. What does that mean? It means the tuner can easily enable spark outputs or fit Hall effect and optical sensors without the need to wire in external resistors which can be a pain. We made it easy.

Wanna use it on an LS or other V8 in wasted spark? Now that’s EASY too! Also, to better handle the growing number of “mid-impedance” large flow rate injectors on the market (typically 8-9 ohms), we have updated the injector drive to handle substantially more current, as well as further hardened the ECU with better flyback protection. Basically, we saw how you guys were using it, and we made it handle that better in every way.

While we were at it, we also improved the optical triggering circuit, making it more reliable when the Microsquirt is used in “fuel only” applications that trigger off coil negative.

Why should I chose the AMP’d MicroSquirt over the standard unit?

It’s about three things really– EASE of installation, FLEXIBILITY for use on more engines easily, and BEEFINESS! We recommend using the AMP’d MicroSquirt over the regular MicroSquirt for these scenarios:

  • When using 6 injectors in the 8-10 ohm range, or 8 or more injectors
  • On 6 or 8 cylinder distributorless ignition applications (we make it easy to control these in wasted spark)
  • 4 cylinder sequential coil on plug
  • Fuel only installations triggered off the negative terminal of an ignition coil

AMP’d MicroSquirt ECU hardware features

Features in bold are added to the AMP’d MicroSquirt.

  • 2 high impedance injector outputs – max peak current increased to 19 amps
  • 2 dedicated spark outputs
  • 2 general purpose on/off outputs – can be repurposed as spark outputs with switchable pull ups
  • 1 PWM IAC output – can be repurposed as general purpose output
  • 1 dedicated fuel pump output
  • 2 variable reluctor conditioned inputs with switchable pull ups to make it easy to use various crank/cam trigger setups!
  • 1 optoisolated RPM input – max voltage and current increased for coil negative fuel-only use
  • 1 flex fuel or general purpose switched input
  • 7 analog inputs

MicroSquirt ECU software features

  • Supports speed density, alpha-N (TPS based), or MAF based fuel and spark tables
  • 0.66 microsecond injector pulse width resolution
  • Allows blending multiple load types, including specialized mode for independent throttle bodies
  • Supports a wide variety of OEM cam and crank position sensors
  • Accelerator pump or model based acceleration enrichment
  • Closed or open loop idle speed and boost control
  • On/off nitrous control
  • Wankel rotary support: 2 rotor engines with separate leading and trailing spark tables
  • Staged injection
  • Table switching
  • 16 x 16 fuel tables
  • 12 x 12 spark tables
  • 2 step rev limiter (launch control) with no-lift shifting
  • Wideband AFR target table
  • Flex fuel sensor input
  • Real time barometric correction (external sensor required)
  • Sequential shift cut and air shifter control

Like the regular MicroSquirt, you can order the AMP’d MicroSquirt with a 30″ wiring harness for powersports applications or an 8′ wiring harness for automotive applications.

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Click here for AMP’d MicroSquirt documentation.