Road Racing


Eric Anderson & Randall Wilcox- SCCA Pro Solo Defending Champs (SSM)

Eric Anderson & Randall Wilcox pilot this supercharged 1996 Miata controlled by an MSPNP Gen2… Click on any photo to view a nice video from Grassroots Motorsports on this team.


Engine — Short Block:

  • Weisco 84xx Rings
  • Custom Weisco Pistons
  • ATI Super Damper
  • Boundary Engineering Full Race Oil Pump
  • Full Contact Crank Scrapper
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • ARP2000 series rod cap screws
  • Manley Connecting Rods
  • ARP Head and Main Studs
  • 1994 Crank lightened, straightened and balanced by B&B Performance Engines
  • 1994 Block machined by B&B Performance Engines


Engine — Head:

  • 2000 Miata Head
  • Fully ported and polished
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • +1mm Manley intake and exhaust valves
  • Custom cams by Kelford Cams
  • Custom Valve Springs from PAC
  • Mazdaspeed shim under bucket lifters
  • Custom titanium spring keepers
  • ARP Intake and Exhaust Studs


Forced Induction System:

  • 75mm Throttle Body
  • Pulley Boys Upper Pulley
  • ATI Supercharger lower pulley
  • Intercooler core and ducting by Top End Fabrication
  • Custom Intake Manifold by BEGI and APTUS Engineering
  • 1600AX 1.6L Whipple Supercharger built by Jon Bond Performance


Fuel System:

  • Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
  • M Tuned Dual feed fuel rail
  • ID 1000cc injectors
  • VP Racing C-16 Fuel


Engine Management:



  • Custom Header by Top End Fabrication
  • Coating by Nitro Plate
  • Custom Exhaust by Top End Fabrication



  • Radiator by Top End Fabrication
  • Custom Coolant Reroute


Clutch and Transmission:

  • ACT Superlight Flywheel
  • ARP Flywheel Bolts
  • Flying Miata Stage II Clutch
  • Quaife Wide Ratio Transmission



  • OSG Differentials
  • 4.30, 4.10 and 3.909 Ratios depending on course



  • Custom tubular Upper and Lower control arms
  • Delrin and Spherical bushings by ISC Racing
  • AST 5300 shocks custom valved by Brian Hanchey at HVT
  • Hypercoil Springs
  • Racing Beat Sway Bars
  • 949 Racing End links


  • Custom Wilwood front
  • NB2 Sport Package rear
  • Carbotech Pads
  • Custom ABS System



  • Custom Dual Element Rear Wing
  • Custom Front Splitter


Weight Reduction / Body:

  • Carbon Fiber front Fenders and Flares
  • Gutted Aluminum hood with Run Cool Hood Louvers
  • Treasure Coast Composite Trunk
  • Treasure Coast Composite Hard Top
  • 1990 Dash
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Kirkey 41500 Seats
  • G Force Harnesses
  • Custom Fixed Headlights
  • Ballistic 16 cell LiOn Battery


Wheels & Tires:

  • Dry – 15×11 Bogart Racing with 275/35/15 Hoosier A7s
  • Wet – 15×9 949 Racing 6ULs with 225/45/15 Hoosier H20 Wet



  • DIY Autotune
  • Top End Fabrication
  • Greyhound Pets of America
  • Kelford Cams
  • Ballistic Batteries
  • Jon Bond Performance
  • B&B Performance Engines


The car is capable of going 0-60 in well less than 4 seconds and will pull north of 1.9 lateral g’s

“In 2015 My Co Driver (Randall Wilcox) was able to cap off a very successful season by winning the Pro Solo National Championship in SSM. This marks the first time a Miata has ever won the year end points.”

In 2015 the car competed in the following National Events with the following results —

  • Dixie National Tour – Podium Finish
  • College Station National Tour – Podium Finish
  • Blytheville Pro Solo – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Lincoln Spring Pro Solo – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Lincoln Spring Nationals – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Wilmington Spring Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Toledo Match Tour – 1st place
  • Toledo Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Wilmington Sumer Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Wilmington National Tour – 2nd place
  • Pro Solo Finale – 1st place and Overall Championship
  • Solo Championships – Podium Finish

In addition to this grueling National Schedule the car was Top time of the event at several Regional events thought the South East United States.


Mike Dusold & his MS3-Pro powered 67 Camaro are in search of the Optima Batteries Crown

Mike Dusold is a champion in the making!  With two events completed in the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car series, he’s off to an early points lead and being pursued heavily by some serious Corvette competition.  Click the image to view Chevy Hi Performance’s video of Mike in action at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway…

Optima Standings




“Mike Dusold’s Camaro started out as a kinda rough project that got really, really cool, over time. Then Mike started getting really good behind the wheel of it at autocross and Pro-Touring events, and then Mike decided to build it into a Camaro like nobody else has ever tried. We’ve heard that a million times, but Mike actually delivered.”  Chad Reynolds, BangShift

Read more about Mike’s SEMA top 10 build here.



2010 American Road Race of Champions

November 5-7, 2010 – Road Atlanta in Braselton ,GA

Travis Nordwald takes 1st place in the ITA class at the Enduro on Sunday.  Running an MSPNP ECU

Congrats to Travis Nordwald and team! 

Travis sent in some in-car video footage of the event (get’s more exciting after the warmup lap, about 4:00 in)



Here’s a few pics Travis sent in from the 2010 ARRC Enduro event Sunday 11/7/10.

2010-road-race-of-champions-02 2010-road-race-of-champions-03 2010-road-race-of-champions-04

Travis Nordwald and co-driver Dave Volante (the blue #38 car) took 1st Place in ITA and forth overall, running an MSPNP ECU that we tuned out for them here in house on our DynaPack 4000 dyno.

2008 American Road Race of Champions

November 7-9, 2008 – Road Atlanta

Here’s a few pics I snapped at the 2008 ARRC Enduro event last Sunday 11/9/08.


Mac Spikes and co-driver Myron Perry (the yellow car #4 car) took 1st Place in ITA and forth overall, running an MSPNP ECU that we tuned out for him a few days before the event.  Out of a field of 52 cars this is quite an accomplishment, congrats to you Mac!  (and for the 4th place in the ProIT as well!)

macspikes_ita4_arrc08enduro-800What did Mac have to say after this event about the MSPNP in his car?

“The car had gobs of power through the whole RPM scale. TQ was like a V8!”
“Jerry was able to get us a stable 8 horsepower increase tuning the MSPNP to my racecar.”
–Mac Spikes SCCA / NASA Miata racer


Joe Tenney, ITA #16 also running an MSPNP ECU, was running in first place about mid-way thru the 3 hour enduro when electrical problems (a loose connector under the dash) sidelined him while he was lapped about 15 times.  He and his co-driver searched out the problem, found the loose connector under the dash and got back at it.  Unfortunately it was too late in the game at that point, however Joe was turning some very impressive lap times, had he not had this problem it’s very likely he and Mac would have had a 1, 2 finish in ITA.  The big question…. who would have had #1? ;)

Joe did pull off the #6 spot in the ProIT race in ITA on Saturday.

(unfortunately dying camera batteries stopped me from getting any pics of Joe’s car)

Chris Schaafsma, who recently picked up a MicroSquirt EMS he’ll be running next season, qualified second but then after a spin landed the #5 spot in the main ARRC event ITB class.