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MS3Pro Helps Revive an Urban Legend: A Prototype GM LS V10

In January 2016, KC Maxx Performance & VC Fabrication inquired about MS3Pro capabilities and interest in being involved in this project.  Who wouldn’t be interested in a snuffed TOP SECRET GM Project?

Some intrepid GM engineers it seemed, thought that the General needed a V10 to replace the aging 454 in the truck division. Having such an engine available could also be used to develop a possible candidate for the Corvette or other GM supercar. Additionally, the V10 would in theory have similar displacement with more power, while only being slightly larger in length than the big block 454, and more easily adaptable to modern and future emissions standards and GM technologies. We were told however, that this project never got off the ground to make it past the modeling and CADD stages.

Fast forward nearly 20 years later and it appears that GM in some capacity whether official or otherwise did research and prototype a LS based V10 engine, possibly just over a decade ago. The engine you see before you was sold as scrap and spare parts to a buyer with an assorted lot of other pieces unrelated to it. The engine was missing an exhaust manifold, and had a damaged valve cover, but was otherwise complete from intake manifold to oil pan. “We had heard of this engine from the source we acquired it from, when I saw it, I knew we had to get our hands on it. Eventually it became available and we acquired it from the supplier who purchased it from GM,” says Lee Masters of VC Fabrication in Kansas City.

“Our GM sources says that around the time of this engine’s development, GM was looking to get into the V10 market to compete with the Ford pickup V10 and even the Dodge SRT-10 pickup. This engine we are told made 616 horsepower and 789 lb-ft of torque.  The LS V10 motor now sits in a ’64 Impala Two Door and is being prepared for MS3Pro Engine Management, then dyno tuned to an OEM style configuration for the Kansas City World of Wheels Show, though it’s not the last stop for this project.  Masters says plans are also in the works to possibly add a twin turbo system, which could potentially boost power into the four-digit range with every little effort. Excerpt courtesy of LSX Magazine; read the full article HERE.

MS3Pro comes well equipped to handle the V10 out of the box with up to 12 cylinder sequential support, but the wiring would have to be thoroughly customized. We began with our 24X LS Plug and Play harness and lengthened/ modified as necessary to accommodate the additional two cylinders, injectors and coils. Installation and configuration begin on-site today at VC Fabrication in Kansas City.  Stay tuned for more updates on the only original GM LS V10 on the planet!



LS Fest Grand Champion Winner Mike Dusold in his MS3Pro powered 1967 Camaro

Official Press Release September 12, 2016

2016 Holley LS Fest crowned a NEW Grand Champion September 11th at Beech Bend Raceway.  Notable Holley sponsored drivers like Danny Popp had won this coveted award in previous years.  This year MS3Pro takes the crown as Mike Dusold in his twin turbo ’67 MS3Pro controlled LS powerplant becomes Grand Champion of LS Fest and his performance in the drag racing category made all the difference.

chevyhiperf_Autox Dusold_trophy_winner Dusold_trophypres_Holley LSFest_Autox





Mike ran a 10.3 @ 149mph in a car with street tires that had never made a pass down a drag strip.  When we asked him what made that happen for him, Mike said “We knew we had some power and had just made some suspension changes.  We set the Traction Control for 9% slip and sailed down the track.  We didn’t know what to expect!” Mike also finished exceptionally well in 2 QA1 Autocross and 3S categories for an overall points win.  Mike has his sights set on a Good Guys Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car Championship to top off his  extraordinary year.  Congratulations Mike Dusold!


James ‘Doc’ McEntire Sets Record N.A. Pass In High Altitude

James ‘Doc’ McEntire’s 68 Camaro, See Red, holds quickest ET, fastest MPH, and quickest average ever by an all motor car recorded during a week long drag racing endurance event. There is rumor that SEERED will be seeking some mine shaft air Fall 2016 and dip into the 7 second zone.



Eric Anderson & Randall Wilcox- SCCA Pro Solo Defending Champs (SSM)

Eric Anderson & Randall Wilcox pilot this supercharged 1996 Miata controlled by an MSPNP Gen2… Click on any photo to view a nice video from Grassroots Motorsports on this team.


Engine — Short Block:

  • Weisco 84xx Rings
  • Custom Weisco Pistons
  • ATI Super Damper
  • Boundary Engineering Full Race Oil Pump
  • Full Contact Crank Scrapper
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • ARP2000 series rod cap screws
  • Manley Connecting Rods
  • ARP Head and Main Studs
  • 1994 Crank lightened, straightened and balanced by B&B Performance Engines
  • 1994 Block machined by B&B Performance Engines


Engine — Head:

  • 2000 Miata Head
  • Fully ported and polished
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • +1mm Manley intake and exhaust valves
  • Custom cams by Kelford Cams
  • Custom Valve Springs from PAC
  • Mazdaspeed shim under bucket lifters
  • Custom titanium spring keepers
  • ARP Intake and Exhaust Studs


Forced Induction System:

  • 75mm Throttle Body
  • Pulley Boys Upper Pulley
  • ATI Supercharger lower pulley
  • Intercooler core and ducting by Top End Fabrication
  • Custom Intake Manifold by BEGI and APTUS Engineering
  • 1600AX 1.6L Whipple Supercharger built by Jon Bond Performance


Fuel System:

  • Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
  • M Tuned Dual feed fuel rail
  • ID 1000cc injectors
  • VP Racing C-16 Fuel


Engine Management:



  • Custom Header by Top End Fabrication
  • Coating by Nitro Plate
  • Custom Exhaust by Top End Fabrication



  • Radiator by Top End Fabrication
  • Custom Coolant Reroute


Clutch and Transmission:

  • ACT Superlight Flywheel
  • ARP Flywheel Bolts
  • Flying Miata Stage II Clutch
  • Quaife Wide Ratio Transmission



  • OSG Differentials
  • 4.30, 4.10 and 3.909 Ratios depending on course



  • Custom tubular Upper and Lower control arms
  • Delrin and Spherical bushings by ISC Racing
  • AST 5300 shocks custom valved by Brian Hanchey at HVT
  • Hypercoil Springs
  • Racing Beat Sway Bars
  • 949 Racing End links


  • Custom Wilwood front
  • NB2 Sport Package rear
  • Carbotech Pads
  • Custom ABS System



  • Custom Dual Element Rear Wing
  • Custom Front Splitter


Weight Reduction / Body:

  • Carbon Fiber front Fenders and Flares
  • Gutted Aluminum hood with Run Cool Hood Louvers
  • Treasure Coast Composite Trunk
  • Treasure Coast Composite Hard Top
  • 1990 Dash
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Kirkey 41500 Seats
  • G Force Harnesses
  • Custom Fixed Headlights
  • Ballistic 16 cell LiOn Battery


Wheels & Tires:

  • Dry – 15×11 Bogart Racing with 275/35/15 Hoosier A7s
  • Wet – 15×9 949 Racing 6ULs with 225/45/15 Hoosier H20 Wet



  • DIY Autotune
  • Top End Fabrication
  • Greyhound Pets of America
  • Kelford Cams
  • Ballistic Batteries
  • Jon Bond Performance
  • B&B Performance Engines


The car is capable of going 0-60 in well less than 4 seconds and will pull north of 1.9 lateral g’s

“In 2015 My Co Driver (Randall Wilcox) was able to cap off a very successful season by winning the Pro Solo National Championship in SSM. This marks the first time a Miata has ever won the year end points.”

In 2015 the car competed in the following National Events with the following results —

  • Dixie National Tour – Podium Finish
  • College Station National Tour – Podium Finish
  • Blytheville Pro Solo – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Lincoln Spring Pro Solo – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Lincoln Spring Nationals – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Wilmington Spring Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Toledo Match Tour – 1st place
  • Toledo Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Wilmington Sumer Pro Solo – 1st place
  • Wilmington National Tour – 2nd place
  • Pro Solo Finale – 1st place and Overall Championship
  • Solo Championships – Podium Finish

In addition to this grueling National Schedule the car was Top time of the event at several Regional events thought the South East United States.


Mike Dusold & his MS3-Pro powered 67 Camaro are in search of the Optima Batteries Crown

Mike Dusold is a champion in the making!  With two events completed in the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car series, he’s off to an early points lead and being pursued heavily by some serious Corvette competition.  Click the image to view Chevy Hi Performance’s video of Mike in action at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway…

Optima Standings




“Mike Dusold’s Camaro started out as a kinda rough project that got really, really cool, over time. Then Mike started getting really good behind the wheel of it at autocross and Pro-Touring events, and then Mike decided to build it into a Camaro like nobody else has ever tried. We’ve heard that a million times, but Mike actually delivered.”  Chad Reynolds, BangShift

Read more about Mike’s SEMA top 10 build here.


Jerry Hoffmann breaking land speed records at the Ohio Mile in his MS3-Pro 2JZ Nissan 240sx

Jerry Hoffmann Sets New Record – 217.3913MPH

Had a good weekend, spent most of it chasing my speed on my very first pass. That 217.39 stands as my all-time top speed. My third and final run Sunday I ran a 216 and change.

Still a great weekend, made five passes, all five of them were records. One of them new to me, and four of them bumping up my existing records. That makes 13 records total we currently hold with this car at The Ohio Mile.

Big thanks to Turbonetics Turbochargers for providing the boost, and CoolShirt Systems for keeping me cool. Thanks to Ball Engine Parts and Service Inc. for the 2JZ that just keeps running laps as consistently as a bracket car, and Zen Motors for helping with some items on the car as we were preparing to head out for the event!

Now to make plans to make it faster for next season. More tire for sure. And I need to work on my spool assist system to make it progressive so I can control just how much boost it builds — as it was making too much too soon, but it was ‘just right’ once I got moving.

Likely will build a spoiler for Altered classes and Belly Pan for Comp Coupe classes. Maybe more turbo? More motor? We’ll see….

2015 Drag Week Results for MegaSquirt'd Cars & Drivers

Congratulations to James McEntire, Jay Brown & Matt Blasco for Top Honors at 2015 Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week!

Congratulations to James McEntire, Jay Brown & Matt Blasco for Top Honors at 2015 Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week!


MS3-Pro‬‘s James McEntire wins the Pro Street Naturally Aspirated Class and officially reset the Drag Week “Naturally Aspirated” quickest pass record to 8.375 @ 169.3mph.

Read our full story on James’ 1968 Camaro and his 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week results


Jay Brown at 2015 Drag Week in his Shelby Mustang running MS3X MegaSquirt

MS3X‬ contender Jay Brown wins the Modified Naturally Aspirated Class with a unique SOHC Shelby Clone

Read our full story on Jay’s 1969 Mustang Shelby Clone and his 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week results


Matt Blasco's MS3-Pro MegaSqirt EFI powered MOPAR at Drag Week 2015

MS3-Pro contender Matt Blasco finished 5th in Modified Power Adder Class, but takes home the Quickest Mopar Trophy after leading his *very* competitive class for 4 of the 5 event days.

Read our full story on Matt’s 1972 Dodge Dart and his 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week Results


Full results & info on these guys on Hot Rod‘s website here:

*Photo Credits: Hot Rod Magazine


Setting 6 records at the June 2015 Ohio Mile

What a blast I had this past weekend! I’ve got more pictures I’ll post up soon, and a video I need to edit together with a new angle (GoPro just a few inches off the pavement mounted up in the grill).

In the meantime, here’s all of our time slips from the weekend. 6 records in total, three of those are new records to us (all of the BFALT records), and three were in classes where I already held the record (BGC records) but I bumped them up further, between 12mph and 20mph bumps!

Huge thanks to my crew Garvin Williamson, Jared McCombs, and Joy Hoffmann, as well as to my two ‘crew chiefs’, my 8 and 10 year old daughters who were minding the checklist at the line and keeping the team in check.

Also a huge thanks to Turbonetics Turbochargers and CoolShirt Systems for their support with our racing efforts. The turbo is doing work and doing it well and Turbonetics has been great to work with. And I’ll never race without a CoolShirt again, absolutely a critical part of what we’re doing out there and is straight up awesome when I flip that switch and feel instantly relieved from the heat inside that 5 layer suit (SFI 20).

Racing the Land Speed 240sx at the Ohio Mile – September 2014

Jerry leaving the starting line on one of many record runs.
Jerry leaving the starting line on one of many record runs.

Results from the September 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile – 7 total runs this weekend, and 7 records to show for it, 6 of which are over 200mph!

Car ran in the same configuration as the July 2014 event.  We turned the boost up to the max and found that we were pretty much already maxxing out our 67mm turbo, so in the off season we plan to increase that targeting 1100rwhp for 2015.

We did a bunch of jumping around into different engine classes on this trip.  The ECTA lets you run in your engine’s primary class (F for us which is 2.0-3.0 liters), as well as allowing us to run in bigger engine classes.  The thought being that there’s no reason someone with a bigger engine shouldn’t be able to take a record that was established with a smaller engine, so if a smaller engine can take the record they’ll let it.  We took every record in BGC (Blown Gas Coupe) from F to AA which is unlimited engine size.  That’s F, E, D, C, B, A, and AA.  Then we jumped into F/BGALT (Blown Gas Altered Coupe) which required us to duct tape up our radiator air opening in the front bumper and we took that record as well.

Here’s a video of my 205mph pass in F/BGALT

Here are a few (of the many) pictures my wonderful wife Joy took for us at this event: products used on the 240SX

The land speed car uses the following products available from

July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile

Jerry being received into the ECTA 200mph Club with club t-shirt and the 'grey hat'.
Jerry being received into the ECTA 200mph Club with club t-shirt and the ‘grey hat’.

Results from the July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile 200 MPH CLUB!   4 runs total, all on Saturday due to timing light and weather issues on Sunday.   We stepped the F/BGC record up on each of the first three runs.  177.9mph on the 1st run bumps the record ever so slightly.  Then 183.5mph on the second run bumps it again.  Then for the big one, on my third run of the day/weekend I ran 202.247mph — the first time I every used all of the throttle pedal.  What an amazing experience!

We completely re-engineered the geometry of the rear 4-link before this meet, and installed wider tires in the rear.  This made a huge difference in the handling of the car and thus was the first time I was able to use all of the throttle.  Next: More boost.  And likely a push truck to help me get through that first 1/8 mile of bogging down due to the Bonneville gears in the car.Cool little factoid– I had FTD (fastest time of the day) at this event for all cars. A few motorcycles went a little faster, but nothing on 4 wheels did this weekend.  One other car ran in the 202.1mph range, just shy of our record pass.

Check our photos from the July 2014 Ohio Mile ECTA event where we broke into the 200mph club in the DIYAutoTune Land Speed Racing 240sx running MS3-Pro!

Check out the video of the 202.247 MPH Record Run! products used on the 240SX

The land speed car uses the following products available from