In the high-octane world of national-level autocross, where the pursuit of perfection is relentless, the story of Eric Anderson and the MSR team’s journey at the 2023 SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) SOLO Nationals stands out as a testament to passion, camaraderie, and unyielding dedication. We here at DIYAutoTune want to send out our biggest CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team for accomplishing what can only be described as a FEAT! Skill, passion, teamwork, and sportsmanship are all on display in this story. We couldn’t be more proud of this team’s accomplishments.

The Road Less Traveled

Picture this: one car, six talented drivers, competing in five different classes. A challenging feat, no doubt, but the team didn’t just accept the challenge; they embraced it with open arms. What followed was a memorable adventure that left them with nine gleaming trophies, four Championships/Class wins, and a lifetime of stories.

On-site at the 2023 SCCA SOLO Nationals!

Their journey wasn’t without its share of twists and turns. Two head gaskets and a solitary toothpick (a quirky nod to the unexpected moments that define motorsports) added to the drama. Yet, their unwavering spirit and resilience made these challenges valuable learning experiences.

Gratitude in Victory

Behind every successful team lies a network of support that propels them to greater heights. Eric and his team are no different, and they’re quick to acknowledge the key players who contributed to their triumphs:

  • Ben Berusch and Jerry Hoffmann at EFI: Masters of ECU expertise. Getting the MS3Pro PNP dialed with dyno work, and invaluable support in times of need.
  • Jason Harvey and Top End Fabrication: The go-to team for last-minute cast aluminum welding.
  • Jonathan Bond, Cameron Savitski, Nick Soenen, and Jon Bond Performance: Supercharger support that sets the standard.
  • Chris Hagen and the Inertia Lab: Top-notch damper service and unwavering support.
  • John Lafond and Scott Pass at B&B: Essential contributions to machine work and introducing innovative piston ring technology.
  • Jonathan Lugod: Provider of a game-changing new differential.
  • Ryan Neff and Zebulon MSC Ltd.: Aero expertise that transformed performance and aesthetics.
  • Bill Wilner at Miata Roadster: A consistent source of parts, advice, and innovative solutions.
  • Keegan Engineering: Their CNC port work delivered a remarkable power boost.
  • Travis Rosenbarger and Boundary Engineering: The amazing oil pump that made the engine look brand new.
  • Hoosier Racing Tire & Ron and Sonya Ver Mulm: Exceptional products and unwavering support.
  • Amy Jo Pit and Vitour TIRES: Creators of a game-changing 200tw tire.
  • VP Racing Fuels: Fueling the beast with C16.
  • Mazda Motorsports: A source of friendship, help, and support.
  • Brian Mason, Rick Myers, and the SCCA Inc. Field Staff: The architects behind a record-breaking event.

But a special mention goes to Eric’s father, Michael Anderson, whose tireless effort and support were indispensable in preparing for the Nationals. Eric Anderson and the MSR team recognize that none of this could have been accomplished without him.

“LaFawnduh” in her element!

Championing Excellence

Eric Anderson and his team’s SCCA Nationals journey wasn’t just about personal achievements. They played a pivotal role in Layne Lindemann, Chris Edens, and Matt Waldbaum all winning their first championships, cementing their reputation as exceptional competitors. Layne and Chirs were each driving the car for the first time, a testament to their driving talent and to how well set up the car is.  “LaFawnduh” has now taken six different drivers to the top spot on the podium—a testament to her prowess.

Deana Kelley’s remarkable feat of finishing 2nd in SSM, ahead of drivers with multiple National Championships, is a testament to her skill and determination.

Deana Kelley scored her first open-class Nationals Trophy and wanted to show off the strength of the Zebulon MSC Ltd. Wing.
Congratulations Deana!

And then there’s Randall Wilcox, whose determination to win the first Pro Solo Championship in the “index class” era validated the team’s relentless hard work. His performance was nothing short of a clinic.

Looking to the Future

Eric Anderson’s Pro Solo Season in 2023 marked a significant milestone. For the first time, he stood on the podium when the dust settled. Pro Solo’s unique blend of competition, adrenaline, and early morning burnouts left unforgettable memories.

While the goal of winning five Championships/Classes at the SCCA Nationals remained unmet, Eric takes full ownership of that. He acknowledges his mistakes in preparing for the XP class and congratulates Dave Montgomery on his well-deserved victory. Dave’s sportsmanship and excellence set the standard for the word “Champion.”

As they close the chapter on 2023, the MSR team looks ahead with determination. They’re committed to closing the gap in XP, and it’s back to work on Monday.

The community stands behind Eric Anderson and the MSR team. Their unwavering support has been a driving force behind these achievements, and we can’t wait to see what spring 2024 holds in store.

In motorsports, victory is sweet, but the journey is sweeter. Eric Anderson and the MSR team have shown us that with passion, perseverance, and a dash of quirkiness, anything is possible. Keep up with everything:




And, as always Stay tuned here for more thrilling motorsports adventures from Eric and the MSR team as we continue to celebrate the champions and underdogs who define this world. Be on the lookout for a full feature on the car and the drivers in upcoming posts as we get Eric to share as much as we can on what makes this beast an SCCA National CHAMPION!