Corey Stephens Nitrous Fox Body Mustang running MS3Pro EFI hanging the front tires

The Ford Mustang continues to dominate at the race track, and for good reason.  Ford has done an amazing job building a chassis that’s ready to perform.  Particularly on the drag strip, where you’ll see Foxbody Mustangs probably more than any other chassis at many competitions, but also at the road course and at other venues…. the Ford Mustang is one of the most commonly raced cars in history.  And we’ve got your Mustang Engine Management needs COVERED!  Let us help you get the most out of your Mustang!

Turbo Mustang Tuning made easy. Supercharged Mustang Tuning made easy.  Naturally aspirated too of course. Bottom line– Proper Engine Management for your Mustang is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool you’ll ever put ‘in your toolbox’ when it comes to on track performance. You can wring every ounce of power out of your car, safely, leaving nothing on the table.  And with our plug and play ECU products- we make it easy.

AMPEFI MSPNP Dashboard and Gauges
MSPNP Dashboard and Gauges

Our Mustang Plug and Play ECUs span across over 16 years of these cars from 1986 to 2004, we’ve got you covered… and in many cases we provide TWO featureset options depending on your budget.   You can get started with a tunable ECU that plugs into your factory wiring harness, replacing your ancient and possibly worn out stock ECU and giving you the ability to tune your engine to your needs. And you can have it running on our base map in under an hour, ready to dial in for BOOST! Or opt for one of our MS3Pro PNP systems for your supercharged Mustang or turbo Mustang. Same fast and easy install, more features and control. Naturally aspirated cars with intake/exhaust/cam/compression upgrades stand to gain as well– dial in your combo to perfection no matter what mods you have. It’s Ford Mustang Tuning at it’s finest, easiest, and most powerful.

What can a PNP ECU do for my Ford Mustang’s Performance?

A Standalone Engine Management System for your Mustang is a powerful tool that gives you full control of the fuel and ignition needs of your engine, no matter what modifications you can make. Imagine just plugging a laptop in and fine tuning your engine, any time you need to.  Having data and analysis tools that give you a windows into what your engine is doing, and allowing you to tune your engine to put down every ounce of power you can hook up to the track! 

When you modify your engine with the goal of making more power, from simple intake/header/exhaust modifications, or a cam upgrade, or making bigger changes like adding boost with a turbo or supercharger, you change your engine’s needs for proper fueling and ignition timing. You have to modify the tune to match the modifications to your engine, or at best you leave power on the table, and at worst you risk damaging your engine. With the MSPNP Gen2 or MS3Pro PNP ECU for your Mustang you can dial your engine’s needs in perfectly– making ALL of the power your modifications will allow you to make, and doing so SAFELY.

So that covers the basics of Mustang Engine Tuning, but what about all the cool stuff?

The MSPNP and MSPNP Pro Mustang models are PACKED with the cool stuff! You can control a myriad of functions for performance and safety of your engine. Adjust rev limiters (2 and 3 step), enable launch control, use a flex fuel sensor with E85, convert to coil-per-plug ignition sequentially, flat shift (no lift shifting) and more. Adjust the activation temps of your cooling fans, use our turbo boost control which allows you to dial in your turbo boost curve exactly as you’d like it. Traction control. Knock control. Datalogging capabilities that allow you to review EXACTLY what your engine was doing, what all of the sensors are reading, and what the ECU is commanding so you can learn from what’s going on and further improve your tune.

It’s just flat out amazing how much control we are able to give you over your engine and power/traction management.  And we’ve designed these PNP ECUs to just plug in.  It couldn’t be easier.

New PCM – New Peace of Mind

Your stock ECU could be 30 years old or older now. Many have been rebuilt, and failed again. We can help you to be brand new again! Rock solid reliability and more functionality for your track car than anything your stock A9L or other factory ECU could offer.

Installing a PNP ECU in my Ford Mustang – Is it difficult?

Not at all. For most people even if you’ve not done something like this before, it will probably take an hour or so. If you’ve turned a few wrenches in your life, you’re likely looking at an hour or less in many cases. You basically have three main steps:

  1. Remove the stock ECU and replace with the MSPNP, plugging the new ECU into your factory wiring harness. Just unplug the stock ECU, and plug ours in.  You’re almost done.  😉
  2. Route a vacuum line from the engine bay, through an existing opening the firewall.  We provide suggestions for how to make this easy in the documentation.
  3. Start the engine and verify/set base timing with a timing light.  Also documented in the install docs.

Now you’re ready to fine tune to your engine’s needs.

Video overviews of installation on Fox Body Mustangs and New Edge Mustangs – pick your preferred poison!!! (SN95 Mustangs are the same process)

What PNP ECU options do we offer for your Mustang Tuning needs?

Two different PNP ECU productlines at two different pricepoints, both incredibly capable, affordable, and easy to use.  The MSPNP Gen2 units are powerful and cost effective.  Proven on racetracks all across America, and really, the world wherever you can find these cars.  The same can be said for our higher end MS3Pro PNP ECUs for these cars.  Rock solid reliable, easy to install, and freaking FEATURE PACKED!  

Option 1) MSPNP Gen2 for the 1986-1995 Foxbody and early SN95 Ford Mustangs

Our MSPNP2 Ford Mustang Plug and Play ECU gives you control of your fuel and ignition. You can also take advantage of race features such as launch control (two step) and boost control for your Supercharged or Turbo Mustang. The included TunerStudio Lite software allows for real-time tuning and data logging with your laptop. Look over that data, you’re going to love it.  You can use it to find opportunities to improve performance, or to diagnose an issue your chasing.  It’s like a window into your engine so you can see what’s going on, and wow it’s an amazing tool.   

Click on the image for your engine or application to view full feature list for that ECU!

Option 2) MS3Pro PNP for the 1986-2004 Ford Mustang including Cobra/Terminator cars!

The MS3Pro Ford Mustang Plug and Play ECU adds several advanced features to the Gen2 featureset. Sequential fuel and spark capabilities, advanced traction control, rally style anti-lag, boost by gear/ VSS, progressive nitrous control, two step (launch control) and three step (burnout limiters), flat shift (no lift shift, foot to the floor!), and advanced engine safeties and shut downs to prevent engine damage in case something goes wrong–  and much more. All while datalogging 60+ channels at up to 330hz! Each MS3Pro PNP model includes a full TunerStudio license. Click on the image for your engine or application to view full feature list for that ECU!

Our Ford Mustang ECUs are Plug and Play and race proven.  Oh… and they are MADE IN THE USA!

DIYAutoTune Eagle Made in the USA

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