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GPIO Application Kit – EGT Input


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Single EGT input kit using AD595AQ amplifier chip. Intended for use on the GPIO board, but could be used anywhere you wish to take our EGT probes or other K-type thermocouples and convert their signal to a 0-5 volt output. This includes enough parts to populate one of the four EGT amplifier sections of the GPIO board.

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How do I connect the EGT probe to the GPIO board?

  • Bowling & Grippo recommend using silver solder to attach it to the pads.

Can this kit be used with other devices than a GPIO board?

  • Yes – you could build it as a generic EGT amplifier following the GPIO EGT schematics. We do not have full documentation for nonstandard uses.

Questions & Answers

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    The MS3 does not have enough analog inputs to handle eight add on thermocouples. I'd recommend using the CAN-EGT instead.