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  • MapDaddy 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Barometric Correction


    Who's Your MapDaddy? - MapDaddy 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Barometric Correction Fully compatible with all MegaSquirt hardware, and with B&G standard and MSExtra firmware.   Ready to rock your ride handling up to 44psi of BOOST!The 'MapDaddy' 4-b...

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  • MegaSquirt Boost Control Mod Kit


    Give your Megasquirt the ability to drive a boost control solenoid double up it's duty as an electronic boost controller. Includes all parts required to build the MSnS-E boost control circuit on your V2.2, V3.0, or V3.57 PCB, including FET, resistors, hea...

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  • Jumper 10-Pack


    10-pack of wire jumpers in 5 colors. These fit 0.1" headers and are used on the JimStim to make connections for testing additional circuitry.   There are several other uses for them too.

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  • Zeal Engineering Daughterboard with Dual VR Conditioners


    The Zeal Engineering Daughterboard was designed and developed by Ken Culver, one of the authors of the MS2/Extra and MS3 firmware.  We're proud to now offer this daughter card in kit form. It was originally developed for the FC RX-7, but we have found it...

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  • Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit


    The power transistor that Bosch uses in their own ECUs is now available to you! This is a 'mod kit' for installing a BIP373 in a Megasquirt, or replacing an older or damaged VB921 with the much improved BIP373. This kit includes a Bosch BIP373, mica insu...

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  • PCB V3.57 and V3.0 HEI Input Mod Kit


    This mod kit can be used with MS1 and MS2. It's intended for the V3.57 boards, but can be used with the V3.0 as well; you just have to remove the XG1-XG2 and the TachSelect-OptoIn jumpers and replace them with the included header pins. The kit includes on...

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  • DLP-TXRX Internal USB/Serial Adapter


    DLP-TXRX Internal USB/Serial AdapterThis adapter is perfect for converting your Megasquirt from the standard DB-9 serial connection to the USB connection common on newer laptops. The DLP-TXRX can be used on the following MegaSquirt products:MS1 ...

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  • USB Tuning Cable


    Included with MS3Pro EVO & Ultimate.  This standard USB cable for tuning your MegaSquirt once you've added our DLP-TXRX mod kit. It also fits the CAN-EGT module.

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  • MegaSquirt PWM IAC Valve Control (TIP120) ‘Mod-Kit’


    These are the parts needed for the 'TIP120 PWM idle valve' mod.  If you are installing all optional components on the v3 heat sink (leaving no extra space for this transistor there) then you can drill a hole in your case and use it as your heat sink or a...

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  • MegaSquirt Pull-up Resistors Mod Kit


    Six 1k 1/4w resistors, and four 470ohm 1/4w resistors. Perfect for use as 'pullup resistors' for your MS ECU modding needs.These can be used for several of the mods described in some of our car-specific install articles listed on the site.NOTE: Th...

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  • MegaSquirt Relay Control Mod Kit (VTEC, TVIS, Fans)


    Modkit used to build a relay control circuit, suitable for switching a relay on/off and controlling fans, VVT, VTEC, TVIS, anything a relay can control.Usable on the PCBv3.0, v3.57 or PCBv2.2 ECUsInformation and an example of how to implement this...

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  • MegaSquirt Ford Bias Resistors Mod Kit


    This is a simple two-part kit with two 1/4w 27kohm metal film resistors to replace R4 and R7 in any MegaSquirt PCB2.2 or PCB3.0 ECU. This will allow for use of the stock Ford temperature sensors without recalibrating the MegaSquirt for the Ford sensors. N...

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  • DIYPNP Upgrade: Stepper IAC Driver Mod Kit


    Stepper IAC control mod kit for DIYPNP ECU.  Allows adding stepper drivers to MicroSquirt Module equipped devices that did not originally have this circuit, like most DIYPNP models. The N52 and D56 DIYPNP models already have the parts included for a step...

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