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MegaSquirt Ford Bias Resistors Mod Kit


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This is a simple two-part kit with two 1/4w 27kohm metal film resistors to replace R4 and R7 in any MegaSquirt PCB2.2 or PCB3.0 ECU. This will allow for use of the stock Ford temperature sensors without recalibrating the MegaSquirt for the Ford sensors. Note this is not required, you can recalibrate the MS to work with your stock sensors, this is just another way to go about it if you’d prefer not to mess with the calibration.

NOTE: This kit is for PCBv3.0 and PCB2.2 MegaSquirt ECUs. It is possible to install it on a V3.57, although a bit awkward as you would be putting through hole resistor on a surface mount board.

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What advantage does this kit have over recalibrating the processor by software?

  • Recalibrating an MS1 is rather involved and can cause problems if you do not configure TunerStudio to match. On an MS2 or MS3, there is less of an advantage to using these. However, they can give a somewhat improved resolution in the typical operating temperature range.

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