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The MS3Pro by AMP EFI engine management systems are made in the USA. We offer full standalone control of engine and many popular transmissions. AMP EFI ECUs are often used in road race, drag, rock crawling, autocross, land speed, and other types of racing. We offer the tuner full control over fuel and ignition curves. MS3Pro will control sequential fuel up to 12 cylinders. Many OEM and aftermarket ignition systems are compatible. MS3Pro by AMP EFI supports over 50 different crank trigger setups.  MS3Pro is popular with naturally aspirated, nitrous, and forced induction applications.  A 4-bar MAP sensor is included as standard, as well as a 1-bar baro sensor. Adding an external MAP sensor will allow higher than 4-bar boost.

Advanced features include:
*On board datalogging with time stamps
*Traction control
*Transmission brake control with creep
*Single or dual gate (CO2) boost control by single wastegate or dual gate
*Wet or Dry nitrous control, stage or progressive
*VVT control up to 4 continuously variable camshafts
*Closed loop EGO control, up to per-cylinder
*Compatibility with all common wideband o2 systems
*CANbus functionality
*Programmable peak and hold injector drivers with up to 8 amp peak / 2 amp hold (Ultimate only)
*Plus much, much more

AMP EFI offers 2 MS3Pro models. The Evo offers 12 high impedance injector outputs. The Ultimate offers 10 peak and hold injector outputs. The Ultimate outputs are programmable for 4 or 8 amps peak current and are compatible with high and low impedance injectors. All MS3Pro by AMP EFI ECUs are manufactured in Gainesville, GA, USA.

EPA, CARB & Emissions Disclaimer- All ECU's are for race purposes only. It's your responsibility to remain in compliance with all federal, state, provincial, or other laws that apply to you.