DIYBOB - OEM ECU Connectors

The DIYBOB is a spinoff of the DIYPNP, but it allows you to create adapters for use with any ECU you’d like to use, not just a MegaSquirt or MS variant. You can use it to make an adapter for a regular wire-in MegaSquirt, including a MegaSquirt-III. Or it will work just as well with other engine management systems – you can use this with a Haltech, FAST, create a Honda ECU to Toyota harness adapter, or any other sort of adapter you might need to make your installations easier.

DIYBOBs are available for a wide variety of European, Asian, and American cars. If you don’t see your car on the list, send us an email. We keep track of the requests we get and use them to plan future DIYBOB and DIYPNP models.

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