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Digital Dash Accessories

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  • DD-EFI Sensor Breakout Board


    DD-EFI Breakout Board Simplifies the wiring process for sensor inputs. Breaks out each sensors inputs 5V vRef and Sensor Grounds Provides Temp Sensor pull-up resistors 240ohm - LDM Combo Sensor 2.49k ohm - OEM Temperature S...

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  • Compact Handheld Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad


      This is a great addition for a DD-EFI Dash to keep in the car for when you need to make those changes to your tune, modify your dashboard display, or export some datalogs for further review.  It is about the size of your hand, so it...

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  • Full Size Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad


      For your initial setup of your DD-EFI Pro and/or Digital Dash along with usage to make dashboard updates, changes to your tune or just downloading datalogs we provide a simple and convenient wireless keyboard with touchpad.  This eas...

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  • DD-EFI Installation Harness – Grand National 84-87


      DD-EFI Installation Harness 84-87 Grand National Description: Upgrade your Grand National with ease using our Plug-and-Play Installation Harness designed specifically for your Digital Dash EFI Dash. This harness simplifies the insta...

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