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MegaSquirt 1

MegaSquirt 1 (MS1) offered a cost effective entry level to the aftermarket ECU market. These are now discontinued, but we still offer several accessories that work with both the MS1 and the newer ECUs in the MegaSquirt line.

If you’re looking for more full featured engine management systems we suggest you look at our MegaSquirt 2 and MegaSquirt 3 kits which provide many more features but maintain an affordable price point for total fuel injection and ignition tuning.

EPA, CARB & Emissions Disclaimer- All ECU's are for race purposes only. It's your responsibility to remain in compliance with all federal, state, provincial, or other laws that apply to you.

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  • MegaSquirt V3.0 PCB Components Kit


    This MSx30-Guts kit includes all the capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits, resistors, transistors, ECU connectors, the tube of heatsink compound and a bit of jumper wire in a Megasquirt V3.0 kit. The kit does not include the V3.0 PCB, case, endplates, ...

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  • 8′ MegaSquirt Wiring Harness (MS1/MS2/MS3 Ready)

    5 out of 5

    MegaSquirt Wiring Harness - 8 Feet Long We've completely redesigned our wire harness to help you get your fuel injection installation right the first time with several new features to help make your installation as easy and reliable as possible: ...

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  • MegaSquirt-I Programmable EFI System PCB2.2 – Kit

    5 out of 5

    *This product or components that make up this product have reached End of Life.  The ECU is now discontinued - this page is for reference only. MegaSquirt-I with V2.2 Main Board MegaSquirt programmable EFI Engine Management System from Bowling and ...

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  • MegaSquirt-I Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 – Kit

    5 out of 5

    Part # MS130-K; MegaSquirt-I Programmable EFI System with V3.0 main board - Unassembled Kit with Black Case Important Note: The BIP373 coil driver is sold separately and is only required for direct coil control. If you are using coils with internal or ...

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  • MegaSquirt Tuning Cable (DB9 Straight Thru)

    5 out of 5

    DB9 6' Male/Female Straight thru cable for tuning and testing your MegaSquirt ECU.

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  • MegaSquirt Relay Board – Assembled Unit

    5 out of 5

    MegaSquirt Relay Board - Assembled Unit - Part# MSRelay-C Though the Relay/Power Board is not required, it is a convenience and can reduce the chance of miswiring during the installation. The relay board provides a central place for all of the required...

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  • MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle – 8′ Long

    4.2727272727273 out of 5

    MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle 8' TXL wire, color coded with labeling printed on the wire every 3 inches -- no paper tags here! IAC and Ignition wires are included for MS-I / MS-2 use (or MS-3 Primary Harness use) Shielded Ignition input wire Grea...

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  • JimStim v1.5 MegaSquirt Stimulator with Wheel Simulator – Unassembled

    4.8 out of 5

    Use this board to test the MegaSquirt's inputs and outputs on the bench, before you install it on a car! The JimStim features a microcontroller which allows the simulation of up to 30 different toothed wheels, in addition to the standard distributor s...

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  • JimStim 1.5 MegaSquirt Stimulator with Wheel Simulator – Assembled

    5 out of 5

    DIYAutoTune Part# JimStim-C JimStim is essentially an engine simulator, a microcontroller which allows the generates up to 30 different toothed wheel signals, in addition to the standard distributor signal. Test your RPM input on the Stim, or tell the ...

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  • Jumper 10-Pack

    5 out of 5

    10-pack of wire jumpers in 5 colors. These fit 0.1" headers and are used on the JimStim to make connections for testing additional circuitry.   There are several other uses for them too.

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  • Zeal Engineering Daughterboard with Dual VR Conditioners


    The Zeal Engineering Daughterboard was designed and developed by Ken Culver, one of the authors of the MS2/Extra and MS3 firmware.  We're proud to now offer this daughter card in kit form. It was originally developed for the FC RX-7, but we have found it...

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