MegaSquirt 1

MegaSquirt 1 (MS1) offers a cost effective entry level to the aftermarket ECU market. Coupled with an EDIS module, the MegaSquirt 1 V2.2 offered excellent value for money mappable spark and fuel. For direct coil control (non-EDIS) the MegaSquirt 1 V3.0 is still a cheap and simple ECU. As expected MegaSquirt 1 lacks many of the features of the newer ECUs. Few OEM wheel patterns are supported, temperature sensor and wideband calibration is more tricky and there are fewer diagnostics. All features require DIY modifications to the circuit board.

If you’re looking for more full featured engine management systems we suggest you look at our MegaSquirt 2 and MegaSquirt 3 kits which provide many more features but maintain an affordable price point for total fuel injection and ignition tuning.

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