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MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle - Long
MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle - Long
MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle - Long
MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle - Long

MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle – Long

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MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle

  • 8′ TXL wire, color coded with labeling printed on the wire every 3 inches — no paper tags here!
  • IAC and Ignition wires are included for MS-I / MS-2 use (or MS-3 Primary Harness use)
  • Shielded Ignition input wire

Great for building up your own wiring harness, or wiring up your relay board where this will give you all of the color coded automotive grade wiring you’ll need to wire up the ECU side of the sensors (plus extra 20ga wire for sensor grounds), ignition components, and the ECU side of the injectors. For building your own harness on a car previously equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection, you’re good to go.  For wiring up a relay board you’ll just need the fuel pump wire, 12v supply wire to the injectors, and you’re good to go.

Our revised version adds some extra wires for CANBUS and replaces the single coax wire with a two core shielded wire for even better noise-free cam and crank signals.

Includes these wires:

Quantity Wire Color Wire Gauge Function Label
1 Tan 20 Extra I/O MS 3 : SPR1 CAN-H
1 Tan/Red 20 Extra I/O MS 4 : SPR2 CAN-L
1 Tan/Green 20 Extra I/O MS 5 : SPR3
1 Tan/Orange 20 Extra I/O MS 6 : SPR4
1 Black/White 20 Sensor Ground
5 Black 20 Ground
1 Orange 20 Intake Air Temp Sensor MS 20 : AIR TEMP
1 Yellow 20 Coolant Temp Sensor MS 21 : COOLANT TEMP
1 Light Blue 20 TPS Sensor MS 22 : TPS SIG
1 Pink 20 O2 Sensor MS 23 : O2 SIG
1 Shield 2 White Conductor 20 Ignition Input Signal (Tach) White: CRANK CKP+ / RPM INPUT Black: CKP-
1 Blue/White 20 IAC1A (MS-II) MS 25 : IAC1A
1 Gray 20 5v VREF (TPS, etc) MS 26 : 5V+ VREF
1 Blue/Red 20 IAC1B (MS-II) MS 27 : IAC1B
1 Red 20 12v+ Power to MS (switched) MS 28 : 12V+ SWITCHED
1 Green/White 20 IAC2A (MS-II) MS 29 : IAC2A
1 Light Green 20 Fast IDLE (FIDLE) Control (switched ground) MS 30 : PWM IDLE
1 Green/Red 20 IAC2B (MS-II) MS 31 : IAC2B
2 Blue 20 Injector Bank 1 MS 32+33 : INJ BANK1
2 Green 20 Injector Bank 2 MS 34+35 : INJ BANK2
1 Brown 20 Ignition Output (MS-II) MS 36 : SPARK A
1 Purple 20 Fuel Pump Relay Control (switched ground) MS 37 : FUEL PUMP RELAY –

6 reviews for MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle – Long

  1. 5 out of 5

    I used this set to make a wiring harness without any extra wires in it. It worked amazing! I had no problem seeing the labels and if it was a dark color I just looked at a wiring diagram. overall these is a great product!

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  2. 3 out of 5

    It would definitely be nice to get SOME sort of documentation as to what the wires are with this bundle. The wires are good quality, but the print doesn't stand out especially well on the darker wires (you'll want a flashlight or workbench with a light to help identify them).

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  3. 5 out of 5

    I get 2 cars out of 1 bundle. Nice shielded wire for crank sensor.

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  4. 2 out of 5

    I agree with Mr Jon Dresser. The bunble is helpful but it fails because my eyesite isn't as good as it once was and colour coding is much easier to identify than the tiny and sometimes poorly ledgible writing on the wire.

    PLEASE READ THIS. A written list included with the wire bundle would help to identify the wires much more easily.

    It's a shame that 10 guage wire for wiring up the earth and power to the relay board isnt included. I would've paid extra for this to be included. Same with the injector wires. In this case, I ended up with a whole bunch of left over wires and many I don't have...

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  5. 4 out of 5

    Very nice wiring bundle, but it would be nice to have a list of all the wires in the description here on the site.

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  6. 5 out of 5

    This wiring is of high quality, it is going to allow me to wire the system properly, without multiple colours being joined and offers a quick and easy reference to which wire is which. A further advantage is that I can now locate the MS in a location not dictated by the original factory loom.

    Very much an advantage as my megasquirt install is in an off road vehicle, where it is not unknown for wires to need tracing due to mishaps!

    Ordered Friday pm, delivered to UK Tuesday 8am!

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