The DIYPNP is a build-it-yourself kit for plug and play engine management systems! These kits use the MicroSquirt Module as a core, giving you MS2 processing power and speed and the incredibly long MS2/Extra feature set. You can jumper the kits for a wide variety of vehicles; many of these kits have dozens of different applications. Complete documentation is online, covering how to assemble the unit and customize it for a wide variety of cars. Each DIYPNP kit comes with a black anodized case to give the unit a finished, professional appearance and a DIYPNP decal for the lid.

Acura. Audi. BMW. Dodge. Eagle. Honda. Hyundai. Mazda. Mitsubishi. Porsche. Subaru. Suzuki. Toyota. And more coming soon!

Note that while DIYPNPs plug into the stock ECU wiring, we cannot promise they will fit in the stock ECU location. The DIYPNP is a bit taller than most factory ECUs. Some relocation or modifying ECU mounting components is often required.

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