Using the QuadSpark Ignition Module With eMS-Pro

Updated 9/7/2011

The eMS-Pro has four logic level (5 volt) spark outputs. These signals can be used to drive a QuadSpark if you are using ignition coils that do not have built in ignition modules, like our IGN-4 or factory Ford coils.

QuadSpark on an eMS-Pro

Set the DIP switches 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4 to the On position.

Spark output  AMPSEAL pin  QuadSpark wire
A 8 Yellow
B 9 Orange
C 10 Dark green
D 11 Blue

Software settings required:

Under ignition settings:

  • Set Spark Output Inverted to “No.” Setting this wrong can overheat the QuadSpark or damage the coils.

Enable dwell control and adjust as needed to match the coils you are using. Set the dwell at a very low value to start with and increase it slowly. Back it off if the case becomes hot to the touch.