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IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack
IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack
IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack
IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack

IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack

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The IGN-4 four tower ignition coil is an affordable option for a hot distributor-less ignition! Similar to our IGN-1A coil, but this unit  has four outputs that fire in wasted spark and does not have a built in ignitor. If used with our BIP373 ignition modules we recommend 3.0-3.5 ms dwell though you should fine tune this for your application.  Perfect for a four cylinder engine, or use two for a V8. Uses standard HEI type spark plug boots.

The center pin on the connector is a 12 volt supply. Each of the two side pins connects to a coil driver such as a BIP373 or QuadSpark and fires the two posts on the same side as the connector pin.

It is not necessary to ground the coil mounts.

The coil measures approximately 4 7/8″ wide, 3 1/4″ across, and 2 5/8″ tall.

Electrical Specifications:

Primary Resistance: 0.5 Ω +/- 10%
Primary Inductance: 4.8 mH +/- 15%
Secondary Resistance: 8.5 kΩ +/- 20%
Secondary Inductance: 22.5 H +/- 20%
Output Voltage: 41 kV +/- 10%
Output Energy: 118 mJ +/- 7%
Peak Secondary Current: 100 mA +/- 7%
Arc Duration: 3.2 mS +/- 10%
Turns Ratio 71:1
Maximum Battery Voltage: 17 Volts
Standard Dwell: 3.0 mS

These are very solid, robust coils that will do well for you if dwell is set up correctly. However, they can be killed by excessive dwell or duty cycle. As they are race coils, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty.

Connector sold separately.

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1 review for IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack

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What is the pinout for the IGN-4 coil?

  • If you are looking into the connector,the left pin is signal for towers 1&4, the center pin is +12V switched, and the right pin is signal for towers 2&3

What type of plug wires will I need?

  • The IGN-4 uses standard GM HEI plug boots.


Questions & Answers

    Is this a positive trigger coilpack
  1. 0 votes
    Q Is this a positive trigger coilpack
    Asked by Mark

    No. This one will need 12 volt switched power and the outputs would be switched to ground by your ignition module.

  2. How does this coil compare to the Ford EDIS-4 coil at high rpm?
  3. 0 votes
    Q How does this coil compare to the Ford EDIS-4 coil at high rpm?
    Asked by Roger

    It's somewhat hotter as long as you are using a transistor with enough current capacity to drive it. The windings and spark energy are the same specs as our IGN-1As.

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