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  • Ratcheting Crimper for Weather Pack Connectors, 10-12 Gauge

    5 out of 5

    Need to crimp your Weather Pack connectors to heavier gauge wire? This one will crimp 10 and 12 gauge. Like our other tool, this is a quality, American made crimper. It doesn't have the holding block like on the smaller tool however, and it needs two sepa...

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  • Ratcheting Crimper for Weather Pack Connectors, 14-20 Gauge

    5 out of 5

    We've tracked down a source for a reliable, yet affordable, crimper for the Weather Pack connectors.  This crimper is American made and truly creates a perfect crimp every time, without the price tag you'd usually pay for a Delphi 12014254 crimper. Th...

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  • IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack

    5 out of 5

    The IGN-4 four tower ignition coil is an affordable option for a hot distributor-less ignition! Similar to our IGN-1A coil, but this unit  has four outputs that fire in wasted spark and does not have a built in ignitor. If used with our BIP373 ignition m...

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  • IGN-6 Six-Tower Coil Pack

    5 out of 5

    The IGN-6 'wasted spark' style coil pack at a glance could be mistaken for a stock Chrysler ignition coil, perhaps off of a Dodge Intrepid, but it's not. Though it appears to be molded from the same tooling used to make stock replacement coils for some Mo...

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  • Bulkhead Mounting Plate for Twin 22 Pin Weather Pack Connectors


    22 pin Weather Pack connectors are great for running harnesses through the firewall, but what if you want a really clean hole for them and only have a jigsaw? We've made it easier now to get show car looks without show car fabrication equipment, with this...

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