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All of the following information is provided in the hopes that other’s efforts can be of benefit to you in your install.  I don’t have one of each type of vehicle mentioned here so I don’t have first hand experience with most of these to confirm each of them.  This information is here to help point you in the right direction to get your car Megasquirt’d.  As the MegaSquirt is a Do-It-Yourself engine management system I encourage you to take your time, do your research, and take responsibility for your installation and tuning.

Some of the articles may have base tuning maps available as well — it is important that you make sure you understand that often these maps will only work with the same version of firmware and MegaTune they were built on.  You can manually transition the settings over into a new firmware of version of MegaTune but simply loading the .msq into a different version than they were built on can have unpredictable results.  Also — just because a map was built on a car just like yours doesn’t mean you should load the map on your car and go for some WOT runs– take the time and be responsible for your own tune, make sure it works right on YOUR car, make sure the timing and AFR’s are right.  Consider these ‘base maps’ and NOT final products.

Sorry for the disclaimer… but you gotta understand in this age of hyper-active legal action combined with a lack of personal responsibility 😉

Tech Article Series Spotlight: The EFI Tuners Guide

You don’t want to miss this new article series!  Whether you’re new to Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition or if you’ve already done this before, we think you’ll find something to love in this series written by founder Jerry Hoffmann.  From the initial decision to take control of your Fuel Injection/Ignition System to the planning, installation, configuration, and tuning process… we’re getting into all of it.  Check it out!

The EFI Tuners Guide – Learn How Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems Work! MegaSquirt Install Articles

These are articles written and hosted here, still not always from first hand experience but often from information gathered with the help of others with first hand experience.  Credit is of course given in the articles to those who helped me bring it all together.  These are ‘living’ documents that will be updated over time, if you see changes that need to be made please call them out to me!

Note: For DIYPNP installs, see the DIYPNP Models page.


Chevrolet / GM

Chrysler / Dodge







Mopar (old school)

  • How to control the ignition on your vintage Mopar engine   Matt Cramer (owner of a turbocharged and MS’d Dodge Dart) pours out some of his Mopar and MegaSquirt knowledge for us all!  This article covers ignition control of vintage Mopars.  You’ll still have some other work to do if you want to convert to EFI as well…  You can always do one and then the other using the same MS…

Nissan / Datsun





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