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UPDATE**  Now, MS3Pro offers a plug & play solution for GM LS 24x & 58x motors with a simple drop on harness for MS3Pro EVO and ULTIMATE. Professionally engineered for 1000+ whp applications and easy to install;  Fire up your engine on day one!


Note– the following articles are provided to help guide you and supply information on using a MegaSquirt with a GM LS application.  As with anything involving electronics, computers, and cars, bad things can happen without proper research and planning.  Do your homework.  We cannot be responsible for any of your actions or their results whether based on this information or not.  Be smart, and be safe… and for goodness sake, don’t blow your car up!Call it an LS series, LSx, LS1, Gen III, or Gen IV, the latest evolution of the GM V8 is one of the most popular motors out there today for swaps. MegaSquirt has been a part of the LS motor scene for years, and on this page, we’ve collected our various tech articles, feature cars, and other information relating to using these motors.

Before the Extra code team wrote a specialized wheel decoder for the LS motors’ ignitions, several builders ran MS1 controlling fuel and a separate spark control box. Today, this isn’t necessary; you can put all the fuel and ignition controls in an MS2 or MS3, avoiding the expense of two separate boxes, and giving you a single interface for tuning. Several of the cars we’ve featured here follow this two box strategy, and have had some spectacular results – but the new one box approach can accomplish even more. You can use a MegaSquirt-II on these engines to get bank to bank fueling and fire the coils in pairs, ora MegaSquirt-III to get full sequential fuel and ignition control. For more about the different MegaSquirt variants and what they do, see our “What MegaSquirt is right for you?” page. The MegaSquirt documentation covers the fuel and ignition settings – see the External Links, below, for details. There’s a lot of information on the LS series; we’re splitting this into several different articles. For the most part, we will cover this from the standpoint of an LS motor swapped into an earlier race car or street rod. tech articles on LS motors

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