DIYPNP build it yourself plug and play systems

UPDATE: The DIYPNP product line has reached the END OF LIFE.  This page and ALL SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION will remain for archive purposes.

Build Your Own EMS From the MegaSquirt Plug-N-Play Engine Management System Kit —
The Do It Yourself Plug-N-Play MegaSquirt EMS you build from a simple kit.

The DIYPNP is a kit based  feature packed DIY-oriented PNP EMS System available NOW for a stack of cars, and soon for an even bigger stack.

Acura.    Audi.    BMW.    Dodge.    Eagle.    Ford.    Honda.    Hyundai.    Isuzu.    Mazda.    Mitsubishi.    Porsche.    Subaru.    Suzuki.    Toyota.
The initial targets of the DIYPNP.

Feature List – Here’s what you can do

Available Models