Available Features / Technical Specifications

Based on MS2/E Firmware Version 3.3.1 or later

There are two ways to look at the Feature List, one is focused more on how you’re going to use the hardware and lists out all the goodies you can do with it.  The other focuses on the hardware’s physical capabilities.  We’ll list both….

Feature List – Here’s what you can do

  • OEM ECU Connector to plug right into the factory harness!
  • Speed Density, Alpha-N and Hybrid Alpha-N (both SD and A-N algorithms hybridized) Supported
  • 2 fuel outputs standard, 2 additional outputs optional
  • 2 Ignition Inputs (for dual wheel ignitions)
  • 4 Spark Outputs (Up to 4 Cylinder Coil On Plug, up to 8 Cylinder Wasted Spark)
  • Rotary Ignition Support
  • Enhanced Acceleration Enrichment (EAE)
  • Boost Control
  • Knock Control
  • Launch Control
  • A/C idle up
  • Flat Shift
  • Tachometer Output
  • Fully Adjustable Rev Limiter
  • Table Switching
  • 4 General PurposeOutputs
  • 4 General Purpose Inputs  (2 analog, 2 digital)
  • Support for Flex Fuel
  • Optional Realtime Baro Correction
  • Closed Loop O2 Correction
  • Plenty of Proto Area, add your own customizations!
  • There’s more than we could list here– click this link to view the full featurelist of MS2/E.

Note:  Some of the features listed above use the General Purpose Inputs/Outputs.

Feature List – Hardware Capabilities, aka, here’s how you do it


  • Hall, optical, or VR crankshaft position sensor
  • Second VR input for camshaft position sensor
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Input
  • 2 general purpose digital inputs for which can be used for launch control, table switching, etc.
  • 2 general purpose analog inputs
  • Onboard knock sensor conditioner
  • Onboard 2.5bar MAP Sensor + support for optional MapDaddy 4bar upgrade with realtime baro correction
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Intake Temperature Sensor



  • 4 Logic Level Spark Outputs
  • 4 BIP373 high current coil drivers (optional – requires mod kit)
    • Supports 1, 2, 3, or 4 cylinder COP/CPP (Coil on Plug, Coil per Plug) Ignition
    • Supports 2, 4, 6, 8 cylinder wasted spark ignition
  • Boost control output
  • 4 general purpose on/off outputs – 2 on the module, 2 on the mainboard
  • 2 injector outputs – Capable of driving 8 high-impedance injectors
    • Can easily support low impedance injectors via resistors or external Peak-n-Hold box
    • Can be expanded to 4 injector outputs with sequential add-on module
  • PWM idle control output
  • Fuel pump control

Note: Not all the features can be installed at the same time. In particular:

  • The flex fuel sensor replaces one of the general purpose digital inputs.
  • Knock sensing or barometric correction requires one of the analog inputs.
  • Using three or four ignition outputs uses one or two of the general purpose on/off outputs, respectively.
  • Sequential injection uses up two general purpose on/off outputs.

Supports Speed Density, MAF, and Alpha-N.  As well as Hybrid Speed Density/Alpha-N