Using the QuadSpark Ignition Module With MicroSquirt

The QuadSpark will let you run up to four coils from an off the shelf MicroSquirt. Since the MicroSquirt has two spark outputs, the coils will need to fire in a wasted spark pattern.

QuadSpark on a MicroSquirt

If you have a V2.0 MicroSquirt, you’ll need to jumper it for logic level coil output. V3.0 versions are set for this full time. If running four coils in wasted spark COP, you’d split each of the MicroSquirt’s spark output wires to two wires on the QuadSpark.

Note that MS2/Extra 3.3.1 and later code allows using WLED for spark output C and ALED for spark output D. Using these pins requires also running a 100 ohm resistor from pin 28 (VREF) to their respective spark output pins.

Spark output   AMPSEAL pin   QuadSpark wire  QuadSpark wire (second connection for wasted-COP) 
A 12 Yellow Dark green
B 11 Orange Blue
C 17 (with pull up) Dark green N/A
D 18 (with pull up) Blue N/A

TunerStudio settings required:

  • Set Spark Output to “Going High (Inverted).” Setting this wrong can overheat the QuadSpark or damage the coils.

Enable dwell control and adjust as needed to match the coils you are using. Set the dwell at a very low value to start with and increase it slowly. Back it off if the case become hot to the touch.

For further information please see the Conditions of Use page.