Using the QuadSpark Ignition Module

QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module

QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module using BIP373’s for up to 4cyl coil per plug, or up to 8cyl wasted spark applications.

After looking at off the shelf distributorless ignition modules, we couldn’t find a good, affordable option. So, with some help from the MS3 development team, we’ve cooked up our own: The QuadSpark. This one is based on the BIP373 ignition modules we sell, but we’ve packaged four of them in a sealed case for underhood use. Instead of a connector that you’d have to find a correct crimp tool to use, the QuadSpark has a wiring pigtail. Here is what colors do what.

Wire color ThicknessFunction
Yellow20 gaugeSpark Input A (to ECU)
White16 gaugeSpark Output A (to coil negative)
Orange20 gaugeSpark Input B (to ECU)
Pink16 gaugeSpark Output B (to coil negative)
Dark green20 gaugeSpark Input C (to ECU)
Light Green16 gaugeSpark Output C (to coil negative)
Blue20 gaugeSpark Input D (to ECU)
Violet16 gaugeSpark Output D (to coil negative)
Black4 x 14 gaugeGround (to engine block or cylinder head)

If used with our IGN-1, IGN-4, or IGN-6 coils, we recommend setting dwell to 2.0 ms. For other coils, set the dwell so that maximum current is 8 amps or less.

The QuadSpark is intended to be mounted in the engine compartment. For maximum cooling, we recommend attaching it to a flat sheet metal surface using heat sink compound, so the heat from the module will be transferred to the body of the car.

The QuadSpark was not intended to be specific to any particular ECU. If you have questions about using it on an ECU not listed, or have made the QuadSpark run with an ECU that isn’t on our list and would like to tell us how you did it, please contact our technical support team. Select your ECU from the list below for a detailed write-up: