MS3Pro Module

The easy way to put the power of MS3Pro to work for your own board!

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The MS3Pro Module puts the MS3Pro circuitry on a board where we’ve replaced the AMPSEAL connectors with 0.100″ pin headers. This provides the core ‘brains’ needed to build MS3Pro capable ECU or Plug-N-Play ECU with all B&G/DIY Licensing taken care of.  For OEM’s that would like to develop an ECU this gets you 99% there and gives you a VERY solid platform for doing so.  Our motivation in designing this? We us these as the core for our MSPNP-Pro line, but we’re also making them available to the public and other system designers.

Here’s some things you can use it for:

  • Design your own plug and play PCBs to adapt it to an OEM wiring harnesses
  • Stuff it in a stock ECU case and solder it to the OEM connector to comply with SCCA Street Touring rules or other class racing that allows any retuning device that fits in the OEM ECU case.
  • OEMs can use this board to develop their own Private Label ECU, all hardware and firmware licensing is taken care of!
  • Create a new Mainboard PCB that adds extra features to the core functionality here, like adding high current coil drivers or CAN based extensions to the functionality.

The MS3Pro Module is approximately 5.5″ x 3.5″ – much easier to incorporate into your projects than trying to use a V3.57 main board, MS3 daughter card, MS3X, and all the other associated parts. And we offer volume discounts if you’re making a production run.

MS3-Pro Module top view

MS3-Pro module bottom view

Click here to download the standard MS3Pro documentation.  Note this is for the retail MS3Pro product, but the core capabilities and featureset of the MS3Pro Module is the same, this is the same mainboard and runs the same firmware as the full retail MS3Pro product, the only difference is the connectors and the case aren’t there, and we leave it up to you to license the full version of TunerStudio if you choose to for your project.

The picture below shows the dimensions and pinout for making a PCB to attach to the MS3Pro Module. Click on the image for a larger view.

MS3-Pro Module dimensions

Hardware features:

  • Freescale MC9S12X 16 bit, 50 MHz asymmetrical dual core processor
  • 10 saturated injector drivers
  • 8 logic level ignition outputs
  • 3 high current (5 amp) general purpose outputs – 2 can be reconfigured as additional injector drivers
  • 3 medium current (3 amp), high frequency general purpose outputs
  • All unused injector and ignition outputs can be used as spare on/off or other outputs.  This ECU has a LOT of I/O!
  • 1 stepper H-bridge driver
  • Camshaft and crankshaft differential inputs – supports VR, Hall effect, and optical input
  • 12 volt tach output
  • Fuel pump output
  • 8 analog inputs (5 dedicated sensor inputs, 3 spare/general purpose)
  • 4 spare digital on/off inputs
  • 3 spare digital frequency inputs
  • 2 knock sensor inputs
  • RS232, USB 2.0, and CAN communication
  • Onboard slot for SD card (card not included with module version)
  • Internal ECU temperature sensor
  • Real time clock (battery not included)
  • Temperature range: -30 to +80 degrees C (-40 to +85 without battery for real time clock)
  • Weight: 65 grams

Software features:

  • Supports speed density, alpha-N (TPS based), or MAF based fuel and spark tables
  • 1 microsecond injector pulse width resolution
  • Tables for nonlinear injector behavior at small pulse widths
  • Allows blending multiple load types, including specialized mode for independent throttle bodies
  • Supports a wide variety of OEM cam and crank position sensors
  • Individual cylinder trim tables for fuel and ignition
  • Accelerator pump or model based acceleration enrichment
  • Closed or open loop idle speed control
  • Closed or open loop boost control with two separate wastegate outputs, and gear or speed based tuning options
  • On/off or closed loop continuously variable valve timing (VVT) control – supports up to 4 channels
  • On/off or progressive nitrous control
  • Traction control by VSS or RPM
  • Rally anti-lag with rotational idle
  • Rotary support – can run up to 4 rotor engines with separate leading and trailing spark tables
  • Staged injection
  • Table switching
  • 16 x 16 fuel and spark tables – can be reconfigured to function as 30 x 16 or 16 x 30 by switching tables based on RPM or load
  • 2 or 3 step rev limiter (launch control) with no-lift shifting
  • Wideband AFR target tables
  • Flex fuel sensor input for easy switching between gasoline and E85 – can automatically change fuel, ignition, and boost maps based on ethanol content of gasoline
  • Knock control with adjustable crank angle windowing can adjust sensitivity based on RPM or which cylinder is firing
  • Allows repurposing injector or ignition outputs as general purpose outputs, or high current outputs as injector drivers for 12 cylinder sequential applications
  • Real time barometric correction (external sensor required)
  • A/C and cooling fan control with idle compensation
  • Safety shutdown based on AFR or EGT input
  • Sequential shift cut and air shifter control
  • Diagnostics to detect and ignore failing sensors – can even automatically switch from speed density to alpha-N in the event of a MAP sensor failure

Note that the MS3Pro Module does not include a TunerStudio license. The free version of TunerStudio will let you access all the ECU’s features, but the registered version unlocks a couple useful tuning tools such as VE Analyzer Live.