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Innovate Motorsports Extended O2 Sensor Bung - 3764

Innovate Motorsports Extended O2 Sensor Bung – 37640




Mild steel extended length O2 sensor bung for smaller tubes. This is like our regular bung and plug kit, only it’s 1″ long, making it perfect for installing in headers or similar applications where the regular bung is too short for the shape of the pipe.  Can also be used to move the sensor head a bit further out of the center of the exhaust gas stream to slightly reduce temperature and extend o2 sensor life.

Standard M18 x 1.5 thread pitch.

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Why would I want an extended length bung?

  • The extended length may be advantageous in certain applications.  The longer bung will help keep the o2 sensor head out of the direct exhaust path, possibly improving flow.  It can also help protect the sensor from damaging high heat if the sensor is mounted too close to the exhaust ports or turbo.

What O2 sensors fit this bung?

  • The thread on this plug is M18 x 1.5, which is pretty much an industry standard. It will accept Bosch LSU 4.2 and 4.9 widebands, NTK widebands, and most OEM narrow band sensors as well.  There are a few narrowband sensors that use a different, small thread, but those are fairly unusual.

Can I weld this bung to stainless steel?

  • Welding mild steel to stainless is a bit harder than welding it to mild steel, but a competent welder should have no problem.

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