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Browse our selection of tuning cables which allow you to connect your MS3Pro or MegaSquirt engine management system to your laptop for tuning.

EPA, CARB & Emissions Disclaimer- All ECU's are for race purposes only. It's your responsibility to remain in compliance with all federal, state, provincial, or other laws that apply to you.

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  • Innovate LC-1 Serial Cable – 37460


    Innovate serial cable for the LC-1. Also can serve as a replacement serial cable for the VVTuner, MSPNP2-EEC4A8 or EEC4B8, and Microsquirt.

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  • USB to Serial Adapter – Trouble Free!!

    4.8076923076923 out of 5

    This FTDI chipset USB to Serial Adapter has been tested and works properly with all of our ECU products and all versions of TunerStudio on a wide range of operating systems.  This is probably the most common item we see people come back for after a purch...

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  • Tuning Cable – MS3Pro EVO & ULTIMATE ECU’s


    Connect MS3Pro ULTIMATE or EVO directly to your laptop with this 4 pin M12 serial cable.

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  • 4 Pin M8 Serial Cable


    Replacement M8 to DB9 serial cable. This cable is used for certain plug and play applications where there wasn't room for a regular DB9 connector, including the following: MS3Pro PNP for '84-'87 Buick Regal 3.8 Turbo MSPNP Gen 2 for '86-'93 Ford M...

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  • USB Tuning Cable for MegaSquirt-III/ MS3Pro 1st Gen


    Use this cable to plug your MegaSquirt-III, MS3-Pro 1st Gen, or MS3Pro Plug & Play for 2JZ Supra/SC300 directly into your USB port. No adapters required!

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  • MegaSquirt Tuning Cable (DB9 Straight Thru)

    5 out of 5

    DB9 6' Male/Female Straight thru cable for tuning and testing your MegaSquirt ECU.

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  • MSPNP Gen 1 Tune Cable


    Lost the tune cable to your MSPNP Gen 1 (the version with the white box)? Here is a replacement. NOTE: Gen 2 and MSPNP Pro units use either the TuneCable6, except for the Ford ones, which use the Innovate cable. Cable pinout: DIN 1 - DB9 9 DIN 2...

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  • USB Tuning Cable


    USB A to Mini B cable. Use this with the following products: MS3Pro EVO MS3Pro Ultimate CAN-EGT MS1 or MS2 V2.2 or V3.0 modified with DLP-TXRX mod kit We include this cable with MS3Pro EVO & Ultimate. Does not fit MS3 V3.0 or V3.57.

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