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USB to Serial Adapter – Trouble Free!!

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(18 customer reviews )
USB to Serial Adapter - Trouble Free!!



Important Note:  The original USB2920 was discontinued by its manufacturer.  We are now providing an updated part, but we are continuing using the same part number to make it easy for you to find.

This FTDI chipset USB to Serial Adapter has been tested and works properly with all of our ECU products and all versions of TunerStudio on a wide range of operating systems.  This is probably the most common item we see people come back for after a purchase, so we highly recommend grabbing one now!  We highly recommend this adapter is used if your tuning PC/laptop doesn’t have a DB9 Serial connector. You can use another adapter with a genuine FTDI chipset (which this uses) and you’ll probably be good, but if you grab this, you know you’ll be fine.

We recommend using a standard 6′ serial tuning cable in combination with this adapter.

Product SKU: USB-2920 ( USB2920 )

Customer reviews

Rated 4.7222222222222 out of 5 stars
18 reviews

18 reviews for USB to Serial Adapter – Trouble Free!!

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    Drivers for this adapter can be found on the FTDI website.

    Am I required to use this particular adapter for connecting to MegaSquirt?

    • It is not the only adapter that can work, but our tech department is very familiar with this adapter and it is the only adapter we can provide full technical and warranty support for. With this adapter, you can talk to a support team who both knows the USB adapter and knows MegaSquirt fully.

    Why would I get less noise with the DB9 extension than with the USB extension?

    • The RS232 side of the system uses a +12 to -12 volt swing to send a signal. USB communications use a 0.0 to 0.3 volt signal. With a larger amount of signal and the same amount of noise, RS232 has a much better signal to noise ratio than USB in the same environment.

    What chipset does this adapter use?

    • It uses an FTDI USB to RS232 converter chipset.

    Where can I download the latest driver version for this adapter?

    Questions & Answers

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      You can download the driver as a self installing executable

      This device does not have USB 3.0 capabilities.

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      TunerStudio does not support IOS. For a display app, you could use RealDash, which would connect over WiFi with a suitable WiFi to RS232 adapter.

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      It should work if it has a FTDI chipset, and will probably work if it has a Prolific chipset. Some other chipsets like the CH340 are more problematic. We would not be able to provide technical support for diagnosing problems that appear to be caused by the Insignia adapter if any arise; you would need to contact Insignia's technical support if you run into driver issues or similar problems.

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      Yes. We use them for this combination all the time at our shop.

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      Please try downloading and running the latest Windows driver, and see if that fixes it. We are using these on Windows 10 computers at our shop without any trouble.