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Sensors & Data Logging

System Sensors & Datalogging Equipment including wideband o2 systems, add-on gauges, EGT measurement and more for use with our MegaSquirt engine managements systems.

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  • Innovate DLG-1 Dual Lambda Gauge


    Innovate DLG-1 Dual Lambda Gauge Complete package with OLED display Includes two LSU4.9 sensorsMonitor left and right exhaust banks on one single gauge! Perfect for all V configured engines Plug & Play setup for both O² sensors ...

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  • Race Technology Dash2Pro Vehicle Display System with CAN Receive Option

    From: $1,200.00

    The DASH2 PRO - Powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing. Specify a complete system in one compact component with optional onboard GPS data logging and control outputs.What does the DASH2 PRO do?The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle d...

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  • RacePak Vnet Tee Connector- 36″


    RacePak Vnet wiring uses a series of plug in extensions. This one has a male / female connector at one end and a female connector at the other, letting you add an extra module to your Vnet.

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  • RacePak Male Cable Vnet Terminator Cap


    End cap to seal off your RacePak Vnet wiring harness.

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  • RacePak Female Cable Vnet Terminator Cap


    End cap to seal off your RacePak Vnet wiring harness.

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  • MegaSquirt CAN Interface Module for RacePak


    The RacePak-CAN Interface Module seamlessly connects your IQ3 Display or Logger Dash to your MS3-Pro, MSPNP, MS3, MS2 or MicroSquirt Engine Management System for CAN communication.The RacePak dash can read up to 20 data channels from the MS3-Pro. Just...

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  • RacePak IQ3s Street Dash

    From: $975.00

    The RacePak IQ3s Display Dash can be utilized with MS3-Pro, all MSPNP Gen 2 and MSPNP Pro model, MS3, MS2 and MicroSquirt to provide a compact, fully programmable LCD digital dash for use in a variety of motorsports.  Optional CAN Interface mating conne...

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  • MAP – GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor

    From: $67.20

    Standard GM style 3-bar MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor), compatible with the MS3-Pro and all flavors of the MegaSquirt EMS / MicroSquirt EMS.  Assembled in the USA, unlike the current Delphi production.Calibration is linear with 1.1 k...

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  • MapDaddy 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Barometric Correction


    Who's Your MapDaddy? - MapDaddy 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Barometric Correction Fully compatible with all MegaSquirt hardware, and with B&G standard and MSExtra firmware.   Ready to rock your ride handling up to 44psi of BOOST!The 'MapDaddy' 4-b...

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  • MPX4250 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor


    MPX4250AP MAP Sensor Standard 2.5 bar Map Sensor used in MegaSquirt PCB 2.2/3.0/3.57 ECUs.Good for 21-22psi of boost, or for NA usage in non-boosted applications.

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