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  • Crimp Connector for IGN-4


    Crimp connector and pins for IGN-4 coil. This is a standard "junior timer" sort of connector that has other uses such as Bosch crankshaft position sensors and throttle position sensors.Like all of our 'ready to crimp' connectors, we include an extra t...

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  • Crimp Connector for IGN-6


    Included is a Weather Pack type connector for IGN-6 coils. The pins and seals are sized for 14 to 16 gauge wire. Like our other DIYAutoTune Weather Packs, we include an extra pin, just in case.

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  • IGN-1FD Ford style coil on plug coil


    The IGN-1FD coil is sized for Ford modular motors for some extra spark compared to stock. Basically, this is a hotter clone of the Motorcraft DG508. Designed to fit 2000-2004 Mustang GT and 2001-2004 Mustang Cobra as well as many trucks, Crown Victorias, ...

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  • 5 Wire Pigtail for GM MAF Sensors


    This 5 wire pigtail connector fits 5 wire type GM MAF sensors from 1985 to 1989, as well as IGN1A coils and some GM DIS modules.Replaces GM part number 12085497.

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  • 4 Wire Pigtail for Ford MAF/MAP/Coils


    4 wire pigtail connector that fits a variety of Ford applications. This connector has been used on Ford 4 wire MAF sensors, certain MAP sensors, and many 6 cylinder distributorless ignition coils including EDIS applications.

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  • 5 Wire Pigtail for GM DIS Modules


    This pigtail connector fits some GM OBD-I external DIS modules, including most 1995 and earlier Saturns. Check your module for the "missing pin" position to make sure this is the right one for your module.Replaces GM part number 12101880

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  • Gray Pigtail for Ford TFI Ignitions


    Gray connector fits certain Ford TFI systems. We've confirmed this was used on certain 5.0 Mustangs among other applications. It also appears to fit some neutral safety switches and distributorless ignitions. Note that the gray color is not purely a cosme...

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  • Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit


    The power transistor that Bosch uses in their own ECUs is now available to you! This is a 'mod kit' for installing a BIP373 in a Megasquirt, or replacing an older or damaged VB921 with the much improved BIP373. This kit includes a Bosch BIP373, mica insu...

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  • Jumper 10-Pack


    10-pack of wire jumpers in 5 colors. These fit 0.1" headers and are used on the JimStim to make connections for testing additional circuitry.   There are several other uses for them too.

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  • DIYPNP Upgrade: BIP373 Ignition Module and Heat Sink Kit


    Add a BIP373 Ignition Module with Heat Sink to your DIYPNP EMS to directly fire coils that do not have their own internal ignitor.  This will allow you to convert vehicles that came with a single coil ignition system and distributor over to modern day ...

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