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  • MS3Pro EVO Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors


    Making your own harness? This plug and pin kit features the MS3Pro AMPSEAL white & gray connectors plus 75 pins- more than enough for making your own MS3Pro EVO or 1st Gen harness. MS3Pro ULTIMATE 3-connector AMPSEAL Kit available here

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  • MS3Pro ULTIMATE Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors


    Planning to make your own ULTIMATE harness? This plug and pin kit features the MS3Pro ULTIMATE AMPSEAL white, black & gray connectors, plus 100 pins- more than enough for making your own! (EVO/ 1st Gen 2-connector AMPSEAL Kit sold separately)

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  • 755 Piece Weather Pack Kit

    5 out of 5

    Our Weather Pack kits contains everything you need to get your project done right!  We've used other connector kits available on the market in projects around the shop and they never quite met our expectations.  So in typical DIYAutoTune style, we stepp...

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  • 3 Position GM Type Sensor Pigtail


    GM Sensor Pigtail - 3 position This 3 wire pigtail connector fits a number of GM applications, including certain camshaft position sensors, fan switch sensors, and oil pressure sensors. Please check picture against your existing socket before ordering.

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