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  • MS3Pro Gen1 F1/F2 & MS3Pro EVO F4 Replacement Fuse

    5 out of 5

    The MS3Pro ECU’s feature user-replaceable fuses that protect against voltage spikes and other abuse. To replace these fuses, use a needle nose pliers to pull the fuse out of its holder, and then push in the replacement fuse by hand. These 500mA fus...

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  • MS3Pro 1st Gen Wiring Harness Upgrade (for ULTIMATE and EVO)


    If you have a previously installed MS3Pro harness (1st Gen flying lead or LS Drop On Harness) and want to upgrade to MS3Pro EVO or ULTIMATE ECU, the upgrade path is simple.  However, complete functionality will require a few basic changes to your 1st Ge...

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