Replacement MS3-Pro fuse, 500 mA
Replacement MS3-Pro fuse, 500 mAReplacement MS3-Pro fuse, 500 mA

Replacement MS3-Pro Fuse


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Product Description

The MS3-Pro features user-replaceable fuses that protect against voltage spikes and other abuse. To replace these fuses, use a needle nose pliers to pull the fuse out of its holder, and you can push the replacement in with your fingers.

Fuses sold individually.


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Where are the fuses located on the MS3-Pro?

  • They are on the top side of the board, near the white connector.

How far do I have to disassemble the MS3-Pro to replace the fuses?

  • You will need to disassemble the case and remove the PCB.

What tools are needed to replace the fuse(s)?

  • Only a #2 phillips bit screwdriver with a good tip.

Why did the fuse blow, anyway?

  • The most likely causes are short circuits on the VREF or stepper IAC control wires.