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Bowling & Grippo

Bowling & Grippo

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  • PCB – MegaSquirt Relay Board PCB Only


    MegaSquirt Relay Board PCBPCB Only for building a MegaSquirt Relay and Power Board. Complete Bill of Materials (parts listing) and schematics can be found HERE.Click HERE for complete Relay Board kits with all parts needed in a nicely labeled kit...

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  • TransStim PCB


    The TransStim simulates a 4L60E transmission, and several others. This is the bare PCB to make one TransStim. Use it to test your MegaShift or other transmission controller.The TranStim™ will help you to:Validate and troubleshoot a newly built...

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  • MegaSquirt Flyback Board Kit (for PCBv2.2 ECUs)


    Includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt Flyback board using the case as the heat sink.MegaSquirt (PCB2.2) users running a number of very low impedance injectors have reported problems with the flyback circuit failing. Typically, thi...

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