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  • 1200cc Fuel Injector – High Impedance 14mm


    1200cc Fuel Injector - 14mm, Saturated/high impedance   1200cc high impedance injectors. These are 60mm long with a 14mm O-ring. EV1 style connector. Fits many domestic applications. We're also using them on our 2JZ powered land speed 240sx, whic...

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  • Weld-In Fuel Injector Bung for EV1 and EV6 Injectors

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    This is a weld-on mounting bung for EV1 or EV6 sized injectors with 14 mm O-rings, with a top fitting with a 1/4" NPT pipe thread for attaching hard line or AN fittings. It can be welded or brazed to aluminum, or held on with epoxy if sealed correctly. Th...

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