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Electronic boost control solenoid
Electronic boost control solenoid
Electronic boost control solenoid
Electronic boost control solenoid

Electronic Boost Control Solenoid Kit

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This electronic boost control solenoid can be used with the MS3-Pro/MSPNP as well as any DIY Style MegaSquirt EMS (with the appropriate mods), or with other electronic boost controllers to control boost by adjusting the pressure to a turbo wastegate. The MS3-Pro, MS3X, MSPNP, and DIYPNP can drive this directly. It operates on a frequency of 19.5-40 Hz and is practically a wire-in replacement for the now-discontinued GM EBC Solenoid. It usually needs a slightly lower duty cycle than the GM valve; if you’re replacing a GM valve, we recommend cutting back your duty cycles by 30% and then carefully testing and adjusting as needed. This kit includes 1/8″ barb fittings and mounting hardware.

Maximum pressure is 125 psi, so this can be used even on wild high pressure compound turbo setups.

Note: This valve is a perfect match for use with our MS3-Pro ECU as well as the MegaSquirtPNP and DIYPNP line of PNP EMS systems.

Boost solenoid vacuum lines
Vacuum diagrams for current model boost control solenoid.

Do not plug the disconnected port. Leave it vented to the atmosphere.

The above diagram shows the way the solenoid is plumbed up for both 1-port wastegates (such as most internal designs) and for 2-port wastegates (such as the ones made by Tial). Both plumbing methods are set up so that energizing the solenoid will increase boost. This is a fail-safe so that if the valve loses power, boost will drop to its minimum set pressure.

One wire connects to a 12 volt source, the other to the Megasquirt, the valve wiring is not polarized so it does not matter which wire you run to 12v+ and which to switched ground at the EMS.  It is NOT recommended to mount the valve in a direct, extreme heat source so, if you can, mount it off to the side of your engine bay keeping maximum valve temps at or under 122*F.

The wastegate ports are 1/8″ NPT pipe thread if you wish to use alternate connections.

See this diagram for the previous version of the solenoid included with our kits.

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1 review for Electronic Boost Control Solenoid Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Made for each otherUnit is an easy two wire connection. In a failure state it defaults to open so you don't have to worry about the gate sticking closed and overboosting. Default support on my MSPNP2 made this unit a seamless addition to my build. The only downside I can see is that the included nipple adapters have very narrow ports making it a pain to get line the size of my waste gate to stay attached. I changed them to a pair from a brake master bleed kit and it works perfectly.

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I see 3 ports, but you only include 2 fittings.  Why?

  • The 3rd port is the “bleed” port and is open to atmosphere.

I’d like to use different fittings for my lines.  What size are the ports?

  • The ports are threaded for 1/8″ NPT.

I sometimes hear the solenoid clicking.  Is this normal?

  • Yes.  The solenoid has a high speed valve inside that is rapidly pulsed by the ECU.  You may on occasion hear the valve being cycled.  This is perfectly normal.  It’s not all that loud  so it’s likely you’ll never hear it, particularly with the engine running. Most current firmware versions do not cycle the solenoid with the engine off.

Can this be used with a supercharger to control boost?

  • No. It is intended to regulate pressure to a turbo wastegate. Superchargers generally do not have any equivalent means of boost control.

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    Yes, you can run two wastegates on the same output pressure line. This assumes that you are using a conventional twin turbo setup and not a compound or sequential turbo setup where you are trying to intentionally run the turbos at separate pressures - if it's the latter, you can use the MS3's second boost control table and a second solenoid.

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    The gold box is not our product and I do not have full specifications on it, but I do not believe this will be a problem.

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    Yes, you can wire this directly up to the options port on the MSPNP.

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    The boost "IN" needs to be connected to a 5 volt output, such as PA0, PT6, or PT7. The "Out" is usually easiest to run through the DB15, although you can run it through an unused wire in the OEM harness. The solenoid itself would be wired to the "Out" pin and switched 12 volts.

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    This is a 3 port solenoid - not a Mac but a different manufacturer. Is this the diagram you're looking for?


    Solenoid vacuum diagram

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    Yes. The DIYPNP kit has a boost control circuit as standard equipment, no mod kits required.

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    As your ECU already has a boost control output, the only things not included that you may need would be some extra wiring and vacuum line.