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AXM-130 Dual Channel Driver/Inverter
AXM-130 Dual Channel Driver/Inverter
AXM-130 Dual Driver

AXM-130 Dual Driver




Introducing the AMP EFI AXM-130 Dual Driver / Inverter – the perfect companion for your MS3Pro Mini. This module seamlessly converts any spare 5V Logic Level Spark Outputs, allowing compatibility with Ford TFI modules or MSD CDI modules requiring a 12V input.

Important Note: The AXM-130 is essential for the proper control of Ford TFI and MSD CDI ignition systems with the MS3Pro Mini.

The AXM-130 effortlessly accepts up to two 5V Logic Level Spark Outputs from your control unit. It then utilizes each signal to toggle a high-current driver capable of switching either a low-side (ground) or high-side (12V) triggered output/load.


  • Converts spare ECU Spark Outputs: turns used Spark Outputs into programmable and PWM outputs
  • Enabling control of various conventional loads: like fan relays, boost controllers, and more.

Common Use Cases

  • Ignition Box
    • TFI module
    • CDI box
  • Relay
    • Fan
  • Solenoid
    • Boost Controller
    • Water Methanol
    • Nitrous

Technical Details

  • Selectable Output Configuration: Access selectable jumpers beneath the bottom cover to choose between ‘Normal‘ (going-high – 12V) or ‘Inverted‘ (going-low – ground) output signals.
      • Normal‘ (going-high – 12V)
        • Use for TFI Modules, CDI box, Tachometer ect.
      • Inverted‘ (going-low – ground)
        • Use for driving most relays/solenoids/ect.
  • Activation Response: The output signal activates whenever the 5V input signal is active.

Upgrade your ignition control system effortlessly with the AMP EFI AXM-130 Dual Driver / Inverter. Unlock new levels of control and flexibility for your high-performance setup.

What’s in the box?

    • AXM-130 TFI Driver
    • Amphenol AT connector
    • 5 crimp type pins
    • Instruction sheet

How big is it?

    • The AXM-130 measures 96 mm long, 40 mm wide, and 19 mm tall not including the connector (3 3/4″ long, 1 5/8″ wide, and 3/4″ tall).

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