Our own in house tech Carl Eichel is back as a contributor this week. Bringing light to using our MSPNPPro ECU in combination with the MRT Engineering cam sensor. This combo is set to radically change the reliability and performance potential of the BMW E30 platform. Read on to learn that bringing that classic bimmer you know and love into the 21st century has never been easier!

Ahh, the BMW E30, perhaps the quintessential sports sedan of the past 40 years.  Even by today’s standards the chassis and suspension not only handle well but can be considered relatively ‘modern,’ having MacPherson struts up front and an independent rear suspension.  The powertrain, on the other hand, is a bit more of a dated design with just a single overhead cam on top of a cast iron block, fueled by batch injectors and fired by an old-school distributor.  But many of us still harbor an affinity for that trusty ol’ M20 (or big-brother M30) and would prefer to eke all we can out of it rather than just swap it out for a different powerplant. 

If you fall into this category of SOHCLover, then it’s your lucky day, as DIYAutoTune has your back!  We’ve recently expanded our M20/M30 lineup with lots of great toys to help you modernize the engine and prevent it from becoming just another boat anchor! For many of us, the charm of the trusty ol’ M20 (or big-brother M30) remains irresistible, and we’d rather optimize it than replace it with another powerplant. If you identify as a SOHCLover, then rejoice, for DIYAutoTune has the solutions to modernize your engine and transform it into a powerhouse.

New MS3PRO PNP solution for BMW E30’s


Surely, you’re familiar with the MSPNP2 ECU, but have you heard about the latest BMW E30 MSPNPPro version? This new ECU not only boasts the powerful MS3Pro processor but also features a suite of SIX sequential injectors and spark outputs for complete individual cylinder control! With additional inputs and outputs, you can even revive that seemingly useless Econometer gauge underneath the tachometer. The BMW E30 MSPNPPro stands out as an aftermarket ECU like no other, ensuring that your engine operates with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

A Clever Solution for Sequential Outputs

MRT Camshaft Sensor kit. Bolts right in place of the old distributor and plugs into your factory harness making installation a snap!

You might be wondering how all those sequential outputs would benefit an engine lacking a cam sensor. Fear not, for we have devised a clever solution, and it’s even Plug-and-Play! Thanks to our Finnish E30 cohorts at MRT Engineering, we’ve sourced a hardware kit that conveniently mounts in place of the original distributor. By coupling it with the right Hall sensor that effortlessly connects to the old “Cylinder Identification” connector, we bring the new cam signal directly into the MSPNPPro ECU, requiring ZERO wiring or modifications. The installation couldn’t be any easier. Just check out the installation instructions. Bavarians, rejoice, for this innovation is sure to make you proud!

The Potential for Power Adders: Superchargers and Turbochargers

While the M20 engine is a reliable powerhouse in its own right, some E30 enthusiasts crave even more power and performance. This is where power adders like superchargers and turbochargers come into play. Fortunately, the MSPNPPro ECU provides a solid foundation for incorporating these performance-enhancing devices. Not only can you take full advantage of sequential fueling, and distrubutorless ignition performance, you’ll enjoy the benefits of boost control, launch control, and even nitrous arming strategies.


In conclusion, the BMW E30 remains an iconic sports sedan, and DIYAutoTune offers exciting advancements to keep its engine running at peak performance. The new MSPNPPro ECU with its sequential injectors and spark outputs provides unrivaled control and efficiency. Furthermore, the clever solution for engines lacking a cam sensor showcases DIYAutoTune’s ingenuity and commitment to enhancing the E30 driving experience. Embrace the upgrades and keep the spirit of the E30 alive for years to come!

Remember, the road to performance starts with innovation, and DIYAutoTune has got your back. So, rev up your engines and embark on a thrilling journey with your BMW E30!