What a blast I had this past weekend! I’ve got more pictures I’ll post up soon, and a video I need to edit together with a new angle (GoPro just a few inches off the pavement mounted up in the grill). In the meantime, here’s all of our time slips from the weekend. 6 records…

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Racing the Land Speed 240sx at the Ohio Mile – September 2014

Posted on September 30, 2014

Results from the September 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile – 7 total runs this weekend, and 7 records to show for it, 6 of which are over 200mph! Car ran in the same configuration as the July 2014 event. We turned the boost up to the max and found that we were pretty much already maxxing out…

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July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile

Posted on July 30, 2014

Results from the July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile – 200 MPH CLUB!   4 runs total, all on Saturday due to timing light and weather issues on Sunday.   We stepped the F/BGC record up on each of the first three runs.  177.9mph on the 1st run bumps the record ever so slightly.  Then 183.5mph on the…

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May 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile

Posted on May 29, 2014

Results from the May 2014  ECTA Ohio Mile – 4 runs total.  Our fastest run of the weekend rewarded Jerry and team with their first record pushing the Ohio Mile F/BGC record from 165mph up to 177.0956mph.  Car was fairly scary to drive above about 150mph for most of the meet as traction was a…

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October 2013 ECTA Ohio Mile

Posted on October 15, 2013

Results from the October 2013 ECTA Ohio Mile – 3 runs.  As this was my first time driving at an ECTA event I had to earn my licenses at controlled speeds and show adequate car control, particularly when time to decel.  It was a busy event, only allowing time for 3 passes.  I licensed up…

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