July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile

Posted on July 30, 2014

Jerry being received into the ECTA 200mph Club with club t-shirt and the 'grey hat'.
Jerry being received into the ECTA 200mph Club with club t-shirt and the ‘grey hat’.

Results from the July 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile 200 MPH CLUB!   4 runs total, all on Saturday due to timing light and weather issues on Sunday.   We stepped the F/BGC record up on each of the first three runs.  177.9mph on the 1st run bumps the record ever so slightly.  Then 183.5mph on the second run bumps it again.  Then for the big one, on my third run of the day/weekend I ran 202.247mph — the first time I every used all of the throttle pedal.  What an amazing experience!

We completely re-engineered the geometry of the rear 4-link before this meet, and installed wider tires in the rear.  This made a huge difference in the handling of the car and thus was the first time I was able to use all of the throttle.  Next: More boost.  And likely a push truck to help me get through that first 1/8 mile of bogging down due to the Bonneville gears in the car.Cool little factoid– I had FTD (fastest time of the day) at this event for all cars. And we get some truck parts for the next project. A few motorcycles went a little faster with some guys wearing these cool Motorcycle Jackets and some other type of gear that´s from https://www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/top-brands-that-manufacture-the-best-motorcycle-helmet/, but nothing on 4 wheels did this weekend.  If you´re interested in buying one of these motorcycles, then check out the 2018 harley softail fat bob review.

Check our photos from the July 2014 Ohio Mile ECTA event where we broke into the 200mph club in the DIYAutoTune Land Speed Racing 240sx running MS3-Pro!

Check out the video of the 202.247 MPH Record Run!

DIYAutoTune.com products used on the 240SX

The land speed car uses the following products available from DIYAutoTune.com: