Aeromotive 12301 Inline 10 Micron Fuel Filter with -10 AN Ports


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A racing filter that will handle up to 2,000 lb/hr of fuel flow at a reasonable price. This one uses a replaceable paper element for inexpensive maintenance, and -10 O-ring ports. Seals with an O-ring so it won’t leak under pressure. Suitable for carbureted and EFI applications. Aeromotive recommends installing it downstream of the fuel pump.

Measures 5.5″ long by 2″ diameter.

Not recommended for E85 or alcohol.


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What is the difference between a 100 micron and 10 micron fuel filter?

  • A 10 micron filter is a finer filter and will catch smaller contaminants, but is too fine to be placed between the tank and fuel pump. A proper fuel system will use a 100 micron filter between tank (or cell) and fuel pump to catch large contaminants and protect the pump. It will then have a 10 micron filter placed between pump and injectors to keep debris out of the injectors and engine itself.